Lollie the carpenter

At the risk of pointing out the obvious: resident dog + foster dog = twice as many dogs as we had before.

And at Casa Fosterfamily, clutter is always lurking in a dark corner, waiting for us to stop paying attention so it can leap out into the open and take over everything. In its presence, we are so weak. It’s much easier to turn a blind eye and just bake a pan of brownies than it is to deal with the evil clutter monster. But, we try to combat it in small ways whenever we can.

Over the weekend, Lollie helped get the Dog Walk Station under control. We have this nifty vintage mail sorter by our side door, and when Chick was our one and only we used it to store dog walk related things: his leash, a spare key, poop bags, sunglasses, and gloves. With two dogs, though, it was getting a little unwieldy. Leashes, harnesses, collars, hats, and gloves were hung all over the poor thing, like some sort of ill-conceived, industrial holiday decoration.

So Lollie the brainiac helped us come up with a simple solution to keep things tidy. We went to a home restore and found some vintage brass cup hooks, took some simple measurements, and fastened them to the underside of our mail sorter.

Here is Lollie conceptualizing the project . . .

And figuring out the specs . . .

Just a few minutes later, voila! A two-dog solution! Nothing fancy, but it’s these little things that keep us sane while sharing our home with an extra dog.

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    • Thanks for visiting Lollie, Tamela! And yes, she is a total genius for coming up with this. I am glad she shares our love for antique/vintage home stuff and DIY-ing! And, she is a whiz with a tape measure.

  1. This is my favorite website! I know that no matter how crabby I am at work I can just come here and see what Lollie’s up to and have a laugh. “Figuring out the specs” pic is so cute!

    • I doubt it, Em. We love Lollie, but we are committed to fostering at least a few before we adopt one. Plus, Chick has not selected her. He thinks she is just fine, but doesnt love her like he loves some of his dog friends. I guess it’s just not quite fate!

  2. Oh I love the solution, it does keep the clutter away and I like your mailbox, and I love seeing how you’ve decorated.
    From A

    As for the bike, I go back and forth between risers and moustache handlebars (cruiser style). I really like riding upright and being able to see everything, especially with the traffic on major roads.
    From E

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