Adoptability factor 2: Trainability

This is the second in our new weekly series on what makes sweet Lollie Wonderdog so very adoptable. Although there are endless adoptability factors we could list, we are limiting this to a weekly series so we don’t overwhelm you too much.

Adoptability factor archive: 1: Snugglability

Lollie is an extremely fast learner. If you have been following her blog for some time, you have seen the cute videos about how quickly she picked up “sit” and “down,” and read my bragging about teaching her “shake” in about three minutes.

Her trainability also manifests itself in more subtle ways: in how she quickly picks up cues, learns routines, and figures out the expected behavior. I believe some people refer to this as intelligence. She hadn’t been with us more than a few days when she learned that dogs are supposed to sit to have their harness and leash clipped on. It took but a few walks to figure out that doing a slolom course on the sidewalk was not the preferred walking method. One of fostermom’s cooking sessions was enough for Lola to know that the kitchen is a good place to hover when things start to smell yummy. As you may have witnessed a few weeks back, Lol advanced quickly from mistrust to Super Jedi Master of the kong puzzle challenge.

 Yesterday we introduced a new challenge to Lollie—the very difficult command we call “wait.”  She totally dominated it.




11 responses

  1. So cute! The more I learn about her the more I realize she has in common with my dog. How is she not adopted yet? I don’t get it. If I wasn’t so freaking exhausted from trying to tire out Shiva I would drive down to where ever you are and steal her for myself. Seriously. She is a super star in the making. You sure you want to give her up?

    • I know, right? She’s an outstanding dog! I think the real problem is that our area is overrun with fabulous homeless pit bulls. It’s so easy to just go to a shelter and adopt one (or God forbid, buy one from a backyard breeder for $50) that adopting one out from foster care is a real challenge. I wish I could ship her off to Canada to you, but it seems rather impractical. Know anybody in the greater DC area looking for an awesome dog?

  2. I love how intensely she is waiting. I have been following her progress and seeing what a fast learner she is. I wish this is the one thing people really knew about pitbulls; they are so loyal and wiling to learn that they make amazing pets.

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