winning smile

When fostermom was in middle school, she threw a great big hissy fit every time her parents brought up the idea of getting braces. With time, they backed down in exasperation. And so, she spent the next half decade developing and perfecting an awkward closed-lipped smile that wouldn’t reveal the gap between her two front teeth.

Some folks have asked us– why doesn’t Lollie ever smile in photos? We think it’s not a matter of tooth gappiness (her teeth are very cute and nicely aligned), but rather of good old middle school self confidence issues. When she came into our home, it took several days for her to look at us at all, and nearly a month for her to hold eye contact for more than a few seconds. After six weeks she was readily approaching us with her tail high and relaxed and her gait steady. Now–after two months–she confidently bounds over when called. A friend she met during her early shelter days came to visit over the weekend was amazed at the transformation– not only in her healthier body weight and her thicker shinier coat, but in the more self-assured way she carries herself and actively seeks out affection and play.

And the smile? It’s started to emerge too.

For more information about adopting Lollie, contact us at or 301-520-7123.

11 responses

  1. What a great post. It must have been so hard for her to start trusting people again, it’s great to see how living with you has made her so much more confident. Ironically enough, my students were just reading about how the gap-toothed trend is at the height of fashion, and how it even started with the ‘trendsetter’ Wife of Bath way back in the day.

  2. looking very relaxed, lollie! nice work!

    and yes, gap toothedness is very “in”. on the last cycle of america’s next top model they actually sent one girl to the dentist to have hers widened!

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