How Lollie’s new mom tells it (Part 1)

“We weren’t looking for a dog. In fact, we had decided we probably wouldn’t get another dog. We had just watched our neighbor’s extremely high maintenance Jack Russell mix for a week, and were pretty sure we didn’t want another dog. It was really Lollie’s nipples that made me really reconsider it. No, I’m not into dog porn or anything odd like that . . . let me explain . . .

I had breast cancer at 24, had a few breast surgeries, lost all my hair, all that fun stuff . . . Fast forward six years, and we’re looking for a dog. We found Daisy, a beagle with giant “udders.” A breast cancer survivor finds a dog with udders…it was meant to be! Last year I went through chemo again when my cancer returned, and Daisy beagle was the sole reason I got up and got any exercise some days. She lay next to me on the couch when I felt pukey, she sniffed my head when my hair fell out again, she saw me through the whole year of chemo. That’s a lot of walks together . . . Sadly, we lost Daisy very unexpectedly a few months ago, and I didn’t want another dog . . .

Last month, we babysat a friend’s pitbull puppy for a few days, and I was in love. My husband was in love. We just didn’t want to do the “puppy thing.” But secretly, I started scanning the dogs in rescues and local shelters anyway. I came across the MCHS site, and something caught my eye . . . What’s a wonderdog? There was Lollie. She had her own website! What a cutie! I scrolled through a few weeks of her blog. She was crate trained! Housebroken! Had manners! Was done with the puppy stuff! Eats her veggies! Looks great in red hoodies! Hmm . . . I closed the laptop, and I thought about it all day.

The next night I stayed up obsessively reading ALL of the blog. And there in the pictures, I saw it- Lollie’s got a boob issue too!!! Giant nipples!! Daisy, a beagle with udders, then Lollie, a pitbull with droopy nipples . . . and me, a two time breast cancer survivor . . . If this isn’t meant to be I don’t know what is!

I showed my husband “Look! The dog has a website!” He deadpans: “You know the dog didn’t write that, right?” We thought about it some more. I had always wanted a bigger dog so I could start running trails again by myself . . . She’s got her house manners . . . The kids have been nagging us for a new dog (though Olivia specifically wanted a dog she could dress up and fit in a purse—not sure Lollie would agree to the purse part) and she’s got a BOOB ISSUE!

We contacted Aleksandra and set up a time for John and me to meet her Lollie Wonderdog. If we thought she’d be a good family member, then we’d tell the little ones. We went to meet Lollie. I couldn’t get over her itty bitty waist. She was adorable. Those giant eyes . . . she licked my stinky shoelaces, and it was love. How could a dog who had been through so much still have so much love to give? I thought about it — Lollie and I are both survivors . . . I think we’d be just fine . . . we just had to see if the little members of the household would get along . . .”

Lollie/Lily goofing around with new mom Jen and new sister Olivia

Lollie/Lily expressing her love

Are these not the cutest three ladies ever?


25 responses

  1. So not fair to make me cry at work. Lily has happy ears. Her family has happy, joyful faces. Wow, this is why good fostering works.

  2. YEESH! There goes my mom with the leaking AGAIN! Ay yi yi! So since this is part 1, I guess there’ll be a part 2? And I guess I better make sure my mom has tissues handy again, huh?

    Now, as for me, I’m just super duper over-the-moon for Lily and her new mom and her girl. Look at how happy they all look! My paws are crossed for Lily’s mom that that C-word is gone for good.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  3. It is great to see them all together having fun! And it is a great story so far! I think there are definitely some trails that are about to get conquered by Jen and Lily Fireworks!

  4. “It was really Lollie’s nipples that made me really reconsider it.”

    No matter what the context of this statement I can’t help but laugh every time I see it or think about it.

  5. You did such a fantastic job documenting your adventures with a foster dog! It is so awesome how perfect Lollie’s family is, how amazing for her to come so far. You have inspired me to open my home to a foster pup specifically a to bully dogs, now I just need to work on getting my husband on board :). Can’t wait to read the rest of Lollie’s story! Also, are you planning on fostering again? I sure hope so I love following the pup’s progress and happy ending.

  6. YAY! I’m so excited for Lollie! What a great match! You and Ben seem to be great fosters and I know your patience and love paved the way home for Lollie!

  7. It’s amazing that a few paragraphs and a few photos can cause so much emotion. I guess for those of us who fell in love with our own Lily/Lollies, it brings back all of the good memories. Here’s to one more pit bull finding her happy ending!

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  9. This is the sweetest story I have read. What a great thing you are doing to help people find love Lollies!

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