Gonzo Bunny-Ears has been adopted!

On Sunday we sent Mr. Ears off to his fabulous and loving new family. It was a long journey for Gonzo — longer than we would have expected for the cutest, most adoptable bunny-eared dog we’ve ever seen. He was with us for nine weeks, and had been kenneled with the rescue group since late 2010. But it was worth the wait!

We knew it would be difficult to find his perfect family, because he is a demanding little guy with a long wish list. He wanted a family with another dog — preferably a big one, a house with a yard, a neighborhood with no BSL, a person who works from home or only part time, a family without lots of very young kids, a willingness to keep us up to date with lots of emails and photos, and most importantly, a family that is open to keeping “Bunny-Ears” as his middle name. We know what you’re thinking. Impossible, right? At most we would get five out of those seven, right?

Well Gonzo won the forever-family lottery big-time, we got all seven!

We can’t wait to tell you all about his new family tomorrow, but for now, a few photos of foster dad and me with the little Ears on the day before we took him home.

We admit, Gonzo was a hard dog to give up. He fit in so well in our family that we had a few moments of weakness where we thought about keeping him for ourselves. We loved snuggling with him in the mornings after the alarm went off, when both dogs would pounce on us in bed. We loved taking him for walks around town and getting zillions of compliments on how adorable he is. We loved how easygoing he was, and the fact that he got along with everybody. But in the end, he was not meant to be our dog. We have a special commitment to the underdogs of this world, and if there’s one thing Gonzo is not, it’s an underdog.

And for now, our commitment is to saving lives through dog fostering. Giving up a foster dog may be hard, I reminded myself as I kissed Gonzo on the soft spot between his eyes, and as I walked down the driveway away from his new home, but it’s not as hard as knowing that another dog will die in a shelter because we were too attached to let him go. We’ll probably flop to the other side some day. No doubt, a foster will enter our lives down the road that we just can’t let go of, and we will throw our theories out the window. For now though, this is our story and we’re sticking to it.

We will miss the sweet little guy, but we couldn’t be happier for him.

Come back tomorrow, when we will introduce you to the rest of Gonzo’s wonderful new sister, Laila!

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  1. Congrats Gonzo! I will miss your pics – you are terribly photogenic. Good job Alex – and I understand your compulsion to keep and your decision to leave a spot open for a true underdog/continual fostering. You guys are doing great things!

  2. Yaay and booo! He was probably the cutest dog I’ve ever seen, so I’m going to miss his photos! I’m happy that you all found him a great home. 🙂

  3. Aleksandra – we know Gonzo will be okay – that you’ve placed in a wonderful, loving home. But how are YOU? It had to be an emotional day for you. And I hope Chick handles the separation well. I’m sure you’ll be finding him another buddy very soon. You’re amazing….keep up the great work and looking forward to seeing the photos in tomorrow’s post.

  4. Congrats!!!! What an excellent ending for handsome Bunny Ears! Great job to you and foster dad and chick 🙂

  5. That is so wonderful! I too will miss all the adorable photos of Mr. Bunny Ears but am so happy to hear he has a forever home. I love, love, love the sweet photos of you and Foster Dad with Gonzo- it must have been so hard to let him go, but it’s for such a great cause. You guys are the best.

  6. Congratulations, and WELL DONE!! I’m so happy for Mr. Bunny Ears and his new family. What wonderful news!

  7. The most wonderful news to get on this dreary, rainy morning! Enjoy your new home Gonzo. You deserve it. I can’t wait to hear all about your new family and sister Laila.

  8. YAY GONZO!!! it must be so hard to let him go, but you’re right- i’m sure thinking about saving that next dog helps out big time. great job!!

  9. WOOOHOO! That’s wonderful for Gonzo Bunny ears! I am going to miss reading about his antics and seeing his pictures tremendously. Kudos to his new family and to you for your inspiring commitment to saving dogs!

  10. So exciting!!! It’s amazing how even through pictures, we all got attached to Gonzo, too! Although I’ll miss the photos of his smiling face, I can’t wait to see the next little guy or girl you two save!! Good work, guys!

  11. So happy for Gonzo, and extremely jealous of his new papa! 🙂

    I even got a little teary eyed to think I couldn’t stare at photos of him every day. What a precious little muffin. I love your theory, but I don’t know how you do it! Hopefully one day, we’ll get to put your same theories into practice.

    • I love thinking that he was feeling melancholy about leaving us, who he has grown to love, but unfortunately the reality was different. We took these before our morning walk, and he was just pissed that we were stalling instead of heading out onto the road. Good ol Gonzo!

  12. Wow. That is fantastic news. I’m all teary now. You guys are incredible people doing such a great thing. Thanks for leading Gonzo Bunny-Ears to a loving home and for entertaining the rest of us in the process. I hope we get regular updates from his forever home. I’ve grown attached to the little guy. Best of luck on your new journey, Gonzo Bunny-Ears!

  13. Yay! While he’s so cute and sweet and wonderful that I can completely see how you would consider keeping him, I’m glad he’s found the perfect home, and I’m doubly glad that you can keep fostering the ‘undergods’ erm, ‘underdogs’ (that first one was really a typo, but I liked it so much I kept it) of the world! Yay for everyone!!!

    -Dr. Liz (the girls are busy trying to figure out how much jumping on the bed will get me to a) let them play in the sleet or b) take them back to daycare…)

  14. Congratulations Bunny Ears! He is going to make his new family so happy. You guys are so committed to your desire to save the underdogs of the world, and I applaud you! I am going to miss reading about Gonzo’s daily life, but I am sure there will be another fantastic foster in your future to update us on. Congrats foster family for being so awesome!

  15. Congrats to Gonzo!!!!!!!! I am so happy for him! As I have said before with Lollie, you are doing an amazing thing here. Even though I get choked up when I read about them leaving you and us (a little selfish because I won’t get daily updates on him LOL!), I know you will find another amazing puppy that needs your help. Don’t ever forget that you are a wonderful person for doing this for the underdogs of the world! One day I hope to have a furry bunny-earred cinder block of my own to hang out with my big meatball.

  16. awww that’s happy and sad all at the same time. I will miss the photos of him, you will have to share some updates with us. He would have been a hard one even for me to not keep (sucker for photogenic/sweet dogs). I’m glad you all waited until you found a perfect fit for him. Can’t wait to see who you bring home next.
    Take care

  17. Congratulations to you all! What fantastic news! You are so brave and so good to do this over and over again. It’s such a hard job and impossible not to get attached. The world needs more giving people like you.

    Congratulations to Gonzo’s new family and to his new sister! I hope when you receive updates, you will pass them on to us.

    Speaking of which, have you heard from Lollie?

    • I have a play date with Lollie this Sunday, and I can’t wait! She is doing great with her perfect family, and I will definitely post photos very soon 🙂

  18. WAAAAAHOOOOOOO! WAHOO! WAHOO! WAHOO! Congratulations, Gonzo Bunny-Ears! Oh, I am soooooooo very much happy for you. AND I’m even happier that you gots yourself a BRINDLE SISTER! Brudder Ranger says brindle sisters are the best kind of sisters. Well, okay, he hasn’t actually come out and SAID that but I know he thinks it.

    I can’t wait to hear all abouts your new family. And I think those pictures of you with your foster mom and dad are just the sweetest.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  19. Awwww! Congratulations to Gonzo!
    Im so happy to hear he’s found his forever family, but selfishly am sad that we won’t get to see him every day through your blog. Your 8th requirement should have been they start a blog for him! 🙂
    Can’t wait to hear more about his new family.
    Love the pictures! So sweet!

  20. YEAH! Good work! 🙂 That’s tremendous. All of what you are doing. Perhaps after Goody we’ll have the room in our hearts to do the same – foster and find homes for the homeless. ❤

  21. I just got home and read the great news! Congrats! I know fostering is so hard, but I like how you keep it in perspective because that will really help save even more dogs. I’m excited to see your new foster!

  22. Gonzo’s new owners are very lucky folk! I know how hard it is to give up a foster you’ve grown to love, but it’s wonderful that you’re going to keep on going! Looking forward to falling in love with your next temporary dweller!

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