A swimompromise

It was so hot. So hot.

Stevie insisted on going back to the lake so she could do more of the swimming she told you all about a few weeks ago. We insisted that a five hour drive was maybe a wee bit too far for just an afternoon of swimming.

She balked. An impasse.

The conversation went something like this.

Stevie: Swimming.

Us: Stevie, the lake is too far.

Stevie: Swimming.

Us: Stevie, you hate car rides.

Stevie: Swimming.

Us: Stevie, by the time we get there, it will be night time.

Stevie: SWIMMING!!!

I will be the first to admit, watching an adolescent dog throw an imaginary hissy-fit is pretty cute. In the end, we had to give in — part way. We lugged the doggie pool out of the shed and filled it up with fresh water. To make it more authentic, we even threw in some dirt, twigs, grass, and fish oil (not really). We showed Stevie our compromise — our swimompromise — and without hesitation, she was in. Really, really in.

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  1. Stevie Wonder says “thank you” – it’s obvious she REALLY loves the water. I have the same pool for my daughter’s lab, Gracie Bean, and she thrashes around in it…..she loves it!!

  2. Wow, she is a fish… or at least a hot one. She is the first female I have seen lay in a kiddie pool. Normally that’s reserved for the boys as they seem to get themselves hot enough to bother. But maybe I am just around too many Vizslas. In anycase Luna only stands and plays in them, but I have caught Wyatt doing the same thing as Stevie one morning as it was hot hot. Now throw some of those ice blocks in there for her and you’ll never be able to drag her out.

  3. Imaginary hissy fit – you’re so creative! It’s supposed to reach 105/106 degrees this week with no rain in sight. I might throw my own hissy fit! Great pics of your beautiful Stevie!

  4. What a beautiful, happy girl! My girl only swims in lakes and rivers. I think she views the pool as too “bath like.” She does drink out of it though. Thanks for all you do for Stevie and for sharing with us.

  5. Blue is definitely her color! I have {imaginary} conversations with my dogs all the time. Sometimes they make very valid points, and sometimes they get a little repetitive, like Stevie. ‘Bone. Bone. Bone. Bone. Bone.’ you get the picture …..

  6. Stevie looks nice and relaxed in her very own kiddie pool. As much as Rufus seems to like lakes and ponds, he refuses to even look like he’s having fun in the kiddie pool I bought him. I can coax him to get in, but then he just stands there…looking miserable. Then…he jumps right out, like “How the heck am I supposed to have a good time in that thing?” Oh well, hopefully a foster dog will get more joy out of it!

  7. Next time the temperature shoots through the roof in Southern California I’m going to run out and get one of those pools. Stevie W looks as happy as a clam in there. She’s so beautiful and happy. Are she and Chick getting along? I’m not sure Tommy & Louise are a match made in heaven, but I’m trying to remain hopeful.

  8. Look at her get right in there! Reggie wouldn’t put two paws in there, unfortunately. She loves to sit right in the pool. All she needs now is a drink with an umbrella in it.

  9. Those kiddie pools are the best! Fozzie loves to dig around in his and stick his nose underwater.

    I also try to bring my boys down to Sligo Creek on really hot days; there are a few spots that are deep enough for them to get a refreshing float or paddle. Anytime you want to join us, just say the word–Fozzie is making progress on his doggie greetings!

  10. That’s so funny! It’s adorable how much she loves that pool. Even though my dogs love to swim (well, except for Heidi…) they don’t like kiddie pools for whatever reason. It’s fun to see another dog enjoy it so much 🙂

  11. Our Best Friend RUNS at the sight of water. He cowers and cringes when girls wash him with the hose. He’d rather die of heat stroke than lie in a kiddie pool!

    I have to stop reading your blog, Aleksandra, or I’m going to drive straight to DC and steal her. I’m so in love.

    • It’s so fun seeing how our various foster dogs speak to the hearts of different readers. Lollie Wonderdog had her dedicated fans, Gonzo Bunny-Ears had his die-hards, and now Stevie-girl is developing her own off-the-deep-end admirers. I love that about fostering.

      Please don’t stop reading. Instead, rack your brain for good folks you may know in DC / Maryland / Virginia, and ask them to spread the word about this sweet girl. She is such a doll, I really want her to go to a great home that will love her as much as she deserves!

  12. Stevie is just so awesome. You must have at least fifty applications on her by now, right? Right?? She always looks so happy in her photos, like life is just one big party. I love reading about how her personality has evolved. I bet she’d make a champion agility star. 😉

    I wish I had a pool to jump in right about now. Even a wading pool would do.

    • no applications to speak of. at all. isn’t it crazy? she’s such a great dog, if the right person doesn’t come along soon, i’m going to keep her. (not really).

  13. Heehee. Don’t tell her that we have several ponds a convenient walk from trail-heads, or we may find ourselves with a permanent visitor! (She’d have to bring her own life jacket, though, as we don’t have any.) Not that we’re looking for a permanent visitor. But if she hops a plane of her own accord, she’d better come prepared! 😀

  14. I can’t understand why Stevie hasn’t been snapped up! She is such an absolute doll!

    I got Frankie a kiddie pool the summer before last (this was before I got Beryl) and he and Beryl just use it as a big water bowl:( Not that they need to use it right now as it’s winter. Frankie loves the water (river and sea) but it seems to be for having fun in, not cooling off in. So I love seeing dogs who appreciate their kiddie pools:)

  15. My lab won’t get her tummy wet in our baby pool, but our foster dog used to love laying down in the water like Stevie. I say “used to” because our foster dog got adopted today!!! I had my doubts that it would ever happen, but it did. Sending good thoughts for Stevie–only the best will do for her!

  16. Turk, Rufus and Ginger HATE the water…but want to be outside even when it’s crazy hot. I wish they’d realize that they could stay out longer if they sat in the pool.

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