Chix-a-Lot Friday: How I Met My One

So I was in the slammer, see. I got brought in for running loose on the town. Pit bull running at large, they said. And so they brought me in. It was an ok place, the slammer. The people gave me my very own room made of fence and concrete, and I had a water bowl full of water, and they would bring food, too. Some of the people who worked there weren’t too sure about me — a pit bull. But there’s this test they give the dogs to decide whether they get to be in the nicer dog hotel in the front where all the people walk by or the sad dog hotel in the back where nobody ever goes except the workers. I knew I had to woo them, and I did. I wooed and wooed, and I got straight A’s on my test. They gave me a nice corner room right up front, where all the people would see me.

But the people would come and go, and nobody ever stopped to give me a pet or let me lick their paws and noses. I would sit right by the door like such a good boy and waggle my tail as hard as I could, and lick my lips with excitement, and I so much wanted them to love me that my whole body would tremble in anticipation. I guess they didn’t understand. I guess they couldn’t tell that I was just happy to see them.

Pretty soon, a nice lady showed up. She was young and smelled like Mexican food and laundry and she understood me. She would come and put me on a leash and take me out for walks. And on the Very Best Days she would take me to the enclosed grassy area where she would let me go and I would run and run. I would chase a toy and she would sit in the grass and I would sniff and roll around and I was happy. We were both happy. And then I would come lay beside her and rest my face on her chest. And sometimes she would cry.

A little while after I met Nice Lady, she started acting kind of funny. She would chat up everybody that would come to the slammer to look at dogs and lead them over to my room. Tell them how nice I am. What a good boy I am. What a great pet I would make. They never listened. Sometimes her voice would quiver. Sometimes her eyes would water when she hugged me goodbye for the day. I didn’t really understand, but I liked her, and I liked the way she scratched my ears and the way she smelled like Mexican food and laundry.

Well wouldn’t you know, one day she showed up and brought two other girls who smelled like Mexican food and laundry. I could tell it was very important by the way they were talking and the way Nice Lady’s face was kind of scrunched up and I heard the words “last day” a few times. So I knew I had to woo them just like I wooed the people who gave me the test, and I did my very best. I guess I did ok, because the next day, Nice Lady came back again and busted me out of the slammer for good. “Call me mom,” she said. Instead I called her The One. What happened next I’ll tell you in next week’s edition . . .

Settling in on my bed the day she sprung me from the slammer.

Meanwhile in Stevie-land, I have taught my little foster sister how to make a hole in The Most Indestructible Dog Toy Of All. I am so proud of her smarts, persistence and sharp little Stevie-teeth . . .

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  1. the ‘sad dog hotel in the back’ had me in tears (deep breaths!). when i worked at whs, they didn’t always have room in the back and sometimes un-adoptable dogs were mixed in with the others, in the front. it was terrible. (this was also when they wouldn’t adopt out pits, so you know, sad times all around)

    can’t wait to hear the rest of chick’s story!

  2. I hate it when I cry in my coffee. dang. Wonderful, wonderful post.
    I think I’ll go back and read it again, cry some more, and then smile the rest of the day!

  3. Love this post! Such a wonderful story. It’s clear you loved him from the beginning. Sounds like your “forever dog”. It’s a good thing no one else snatched him up or you wouldn’t have gotten a chance to be The One! Chick, you lucked out, BIG!

  4. Oh Chick – you do have a way with words. Guess your “The One” has taught you well. You look so sad – and sweet – on your bed at “the slammer”. But look at your now. Loved and treasured by that nice lady (does she still smell like Mexican food?!) and the nice man. Can’t wait to hear more of your story. XO

    • No, never have. But I do like writing — in the right forum. It’s part of why I took up this blog. It was the only way I could come up with to combine all of my loves — dogs, writing, advocacy, photography, and rescue.

      • I second the above comment! Love this story so much- you are a very talented writer, as evidenced by your ability to leave readers laughing while a single tear trickles down their cheek.

  5. I’m sad my nose isn’t as good as yours…to me your “one” just smells like regular nice people…I love Mexican food…

  6. Such a great story! Chick looks like a straight up Southern White Bulldog in that picture! So handsome!

    I wonder what Izzy thought I smelled like when she first met me….certainly not laundry!

  7. Oh man, I am sitting at my desk trying to stop sniffling and crying after reading this. So very touching. I look forward to hearing the rest of Chick’s story! You are an amazing writer. Thank you for sharing with us!

  8. I can’t cry at work but sure do want to. What an awesome story! 30 some odd dogs were confiscated from a home here in GA and are at their local animal control. News story says they are “overpopulated”. This story makes me want to run down there and be THE ONE for someone. Looking forward to the next segment.

  9. Did you really smell of Mexican food and laundry? I’m so glad you found your soul mate and that your soul mate found you! Cheers for Chicken and his momma (and daddy of course)!

  10. I think I’m going to eat Mexican food tonight in honor of Chick…maybe my big dumb monster will like the way I smell afterwards!

  11. STOP MAKING ME CRY!!!!!!!!!!! Ugh. Seriously, stop being such a good writer and stop writing such beautiful and touching stories about pitties because I can’t handle crying every time I look at your blog…..okay, don’t seriously stop but come on….

  12. What a touching beginning to the love story between you and Chick. Wow. I’m all teary. I love hearing it through his eyes (and nose and ears).

  13. Oh Chick. How beautiful you are. People were crazy for not seeing what a great pet you would make. Then again, how would you have met your “one” if someone else had taken you home?
    It sounds like you are your Mom’s “heart dog” and she is your “heart person”.

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  15. Yep, I cried too. “Call me Mom”…<> ! What a wonderful story. You are a great writer and I think you could make a great career with both photos and writing.

  16. I just busted out a sweet old stinky partially blind pit bull that my friend found and also found a foster home for. He’s got bad teeth, and an infected ear and really infected eyes and gets cranky with change and I cannot stop crying every time I think about it. And then I go read this sweet story at work??? Why even put on makeup, I ask?

  17. What a great story & a happy ending! It surely tugs at your heart strings! I was adopted too, two years ago and I was happy to find a forever home as well! (my dog mom was poisoned with anti-freeze after giving birth to a litter of 7) We are so glad that you found your forever home and will have a lifetime of love!

  18. We are so glad your story had a happy ending. I know lots of people are fighting to give all shelter dogs the same story to tell.


  19. WOW what a beautiful story! I really just balled my eyes out BUT was laughing through my tears all at the same time…..such great writing. I cried because I know of many dogs that are in the “Bad Hotel” today…..waiting for their “Nice Lady” to save them. I am praying for them all to get their nice lady today! Thanks for reminding me that some do get saved and go on to know love for their life time.

  20. Oh Oh Oh my heart is just bursting and my eyes are leaking. I lost both my girls last year and tried to volunteer at the local shelter but I came home crying every day because I couldn’t bring them all home. I did rescue a kitten, my Ozzy, who was abandoned at the police station, and nursed him into the 10 pound tough guy that he is today. I really want another dog but am currently unemployed and can’t afford it, Ozzy cost me almost a grand the first month with all the vet bills, but he was well worth it! As soon as I can I am going to adopt another dog, hopefully another Golden Angel. I read your blog every week and have so much love and respect for you and your hubby and Chix and Doodlebug. I’ve always been afraid of Pits and you have shown me how lovable they are. I even made friends with the Rott next door who used to frighten me to the death with her huge bark, and now she sits in my lap! Sometimes I am ashamed of the human race and how they treat defenseless animals, makes my heart hurt. Thank you thank you so much for this wonderful story!

    • I would say that that is one of Chix and Doodlebug would be so happy to know that you are feeling more comfortable with pit bulls! I honestly feel that this is a main goal with Alexansdra, Chix and Doodlebug’s with this blog. Thanks for sharing that I know that it will mean so much to all of them.

      • Ok was distracted while writing above….no surprise I am not a writer. What I meant to say is that Alexsandra, Chix and Doodlebug will be so happy to know that because of their blog and their stories you are more comfortable with pit bulls. They are true ambassadors of this wonderful breed!

  21. So many good pups. So few homes.

    I pulled my girly from the pound – she was so sick with pneumonia she wouldn’t look at me at first. I had them bring her to the visitation room and she perked up. Holy cow, the thought that others just like her are lost every day makes me so sad.

    We do what we can. You are a very lucky boy, Chick. So very lucky.

  22. Can’t wait to read the rest!!
    Animal rescue stories are always tear-jerkers for me…and now I’m a hormonal pregnant lady so it’s even worse 😉

  23. Just the most wonderful post ever, like everyone else I was in tears and then my heart did a flip when you rescued that beautiful pit, see I have one that I and my husband rescued and he is the sweetest dog and just a big baby really, looking forward to reading more of your wonderful post!!

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