sneaky snuggling

We’re not going to sugar-coat it: the love between Stevie Wonder and Sir Chick is NOT mutual. Sir Chick is a mature gentleman and he tolerates his foster sister’s affection, antics, and crazy puppy-like energy with grace and patience, but it is clear that her love for him is unrequited. Chick will politely tolerate most dogs, but there are very few that he truly loves. Our former foster Gonzo Bunny-Ears was one of the lucky few; Chick’s uncle Tex the black lab is another.

And yet, Stevie just can’t get enough of her Chicken. Her latest trick is pretending to sleep at an acceptable-to-Chick distance (6-9 inches is generally enough space), and then once he falls asleep, she sneaks over, ever-so-gently, for a little bit of cuddling. It’s not totally satisfying, but it will have to do. Poor Stevie.

For more info on adopting Stevie Wonder, click here or contact us at DCpetographer [at] gmail [dot] com.

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  1. this might be the cutest picture to date. and there are a lot of cute pictures around here!

    also- i love your wall color! which is surprising since i rarely stray from my beloved grays.

  2. What a great picture! I love my foster sisters… but I’m not usually a cuddler with them. I like my space too :o)
    ps. Wait until you see my NEW foster sister! Well… I don’t have her yet, but there’s a sneak peak on my blog today!

  3. How can Chick resist the adorable Stevie? Is he just playing hard to get? Because he looks like he’s smiling. I think he’s secretly in love with Stevie.

  4. Put me where Sir Chick is located, and put my dog Wilbur where Stevie is located, and you have a good idea of what my naps look like. (When I get naps.) Stevie is going to miss Chick. Can’t she stay with you? She looks so happy. (I would not be a good foster parent – wanting to keep every pooch that graced our house.)

    • Chick is king at our house. He thinks Stevie is ok, but he would rather she move along. So she will move along. Plus we love her, but if we kept her that would be the end of fostering!

  5. Totally in the same boat as Lenore. As I get ready to take the dogs out this morning, I looked over and Izzy had her head on Skinny Fat Kid’s stomach as if to say “I’m not ready to get up, mom!”. Her and Peeps don’t really cuddle, although I think Peeps would if she would let him. Not so much that she gets mad, but takes it as playtime!!!!!

  6. That is the sweetes, and yet most tragic, story I have heard in a long time. Poor Stevie. Unrequited love is not easy. My heart breaks for her. What does Chick do when he wakes up? Maybe she should try to woo him with presents, she could share some of her dinner, perhaps.

    I wish I lived closer so I could take her home. She is just so amazingly cute!

  7. I just melted. That picture would have been adorable even if Stevie wasn’t in it. So add her to the mix and it’s beyond words. It seems like Sir Chick is taking into account the amount of effort Stevie is putting into cuddling. Sometimes Parker will allow Skye a short burst of cuddling when she tries reaaaalllly hard to sneak up to him.

  8. Oh Stevie, Chick is just your idol eh? Maybe you can be just like him when you grow up. Until then, keep up the sneaky snuggling. You might wear hom down eventually! Who could resist that face for long?

  9. Frankie gets the same expression on his face when he’s wormed his way in between Beryl and the heater. He knows she likes her space (unless she wants to use him as a cushion!) but he likes the heater, so he’s kind of pleased with himself for getting there but also a bit worried he’s going to get told off for being there!

  10. Oh noes. Stevie needs to read some of the DC dating blogs and learn how to tell when a dude’s just not that into her! But, this pic of Stevie on sleeping-Chick just might be my favorite so far!

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