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  1. *Right before Stevie pulled the oldest flirting move in the book to woo Chick: the fake yawn-stretch-arm around the shoulder-super sneaky seduction move.

    Well played Stevie, well played…

  2. “I got this cavity when I was 6 months old, and this filling at 8 months, and right here is the tooth that got cracked on my favorite bone, and that’s the root canal that hurt so bad, and I’m going to get a crown over here, and….”

  3. Chick: “My, what big teeth you have.”

    Your photo immediately brought a scene from Little Red Riding Hood to mind.

  4. Chick: “I know you have a big mouth Stevie, but I still don’t think that you could fit an entire beach ball in there.”

    Stevie: “SWIMMING!!!!!!!!!!!”

    — OR —

    Stevie: “And then…and then…the stick was really being devious and it turned all sideways and stuff, and I had to death it like THIS.”

    Chick: “It’s a stick, kiddo. An inanimate, wimpy stick.”

  5. Now I looked at it again and got a feeling that Stevie was pretending the little rug was a flying carpet like in Aladdin. “A whole new woooooooooorld!” And I’m laughing at my stupid self again. I think now it might just be that the day has been long and hard and I haven’t had lunch… either way I am going to be picturing her singing Aladdin songs until something else gets into my head.

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