Swimming in Solidarity

Hi guys, it’s me! Stevie Wonder!

Do you want to know the absolute silliest thing about my foster brother Chick? He does not even like to go swimming in the doggie pool, and he does not even like to do gymnastics in there!  Can you believe it? He says it’s because he’s from Texas and dogs from Texas aren’t wusses like dogs from Merryland and that he don’t need no stinkin’ baby pool, but I know he’s just as hot as I am when it’s summertime and we’re outside.

As you may recall from a couple weeks ago, I am a most excellent swimmer, both in big waters like lakes and in little waters like my doggie pool. Sometimes when my foster mama takes me running on the trail near her house, she lets me take a quick swim in Sligo Creek when we stop to rest, too. She says it’s a good way for me to cool off. I say it’s a good way for me to do my Stevie-thing.

Anyhow. Remember a little while back when my mama showed you me and Chick both wading in my pool together? Here we are, just so you remember:

Well what mama didn’t show you is what a spectacle it was, getting Sir Chick to get in the pool with me! He hemmed and hawed and made excuses until finally, I came up with a brilliant plan. I would get in the pool v e r y   s l o w l y, one foot at a time, pausing between each one to show him how non-scary it was. I spent an extra specially long amount of time on step three-feet-in just so I could show him that although I love the swimming best of all, I still stand in solidarity with my brother sometimes by leaving one foot out of the pool with him. Aren’t I such a nice sister?

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  1. Stevie, you are a wonderful sister. It’s nice that you don’t make fun of Chick for being a “chick”en about getting in the pool with you. Are you wearing your “adopt me” vest – it’s pretty!

  2. Chick would fit right in at my house, none of my dogs like the kiddie pool. Maybe Stevie could use her new technique to show my dogs it’s okay too?

  3. I’ve cajoled Morgan out of hating elevators and ramps, but he still hates water. Can’t figure it out, but am not going to worry about it, because he’s in such good company!

  4. Stevie, you are the best sister. Good job!
    Now please, Stevie, be careful with your tongue and the deck. I am concerned you might get a splinter with your tongue hanging out like that.

  5. I always wonder how our pooches would like a pool because whenever we walk by the lake, Miss M is ready to hurl herself in. Though I wonder if you have some kind of ancestry where you are prone to water; aren’t harbor seals brindle?

  6. (If we can JUST overturn the breed ban in PG County soon enough) I absolutely want to own a “pit bull” dog! Thank you for keeping so much positive news going out there. I just found your blog but it won’t be my last visit!

    • Hi Linda, I know PG is getting better. About 6 weeks ago they made a HUGE change, and now allow rescue groups to pull pit bulls from PG as long as they are fostered outside of the county. It used to be that they had to label dogs as “boxer mix” or “lab mix” for them to have even a tiny chance at being saved. I take it as a really good sign. I have also heard that the new County Commissioner is not a fan of the ban and hopes to see it overturned.

      • That is wonderful news! I hope it changes. Now all we have to do is hope that Charles County does not pass the ban on pitties.

  7. Stevie, do you just smile like that all day long? What a poster dog you are for your breed. No one could look at a pit bull mix like you and think evil thoughts. Chick may deny it, but I think he’s learned to appreciate you as well.

  8. Okay, I have entirely too much fun reading Stevie’s posts.

    We have a “voice” that we use for Jack – he usually says things like, “Gee, mom, thanks for ice cube. I’m just gonna take a nap right here now if that’s okay,” or “Hi dad, is it okay if I just lean against your leg really hard like this?” He says it slow and sad, like Eeyore (weird, I know). Stevie, on the other hand, I imagine to be like, “Hey, guys! Hey!” very fast, squeaky and happy.

  9. EEEEEEEEEK! STEVIE! Aren’t you skeered of ALLLLLL your Most Beautiful brindle furs melting off? Oh, I can’t look! Tell me when you’re out of the pool.

    Very concerned wiggles and wags,

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