Chix-a-Lot Friday: My Best Buddies

I guess you know by now that foster sister Stevie Wonder is NOT on my BFF-list. Sure, we get along fine. Sure, I let her sneak up on me when I’m sleeping and get a little snuggle in, and sure, I took her to the prom, and sure, I tried to teach her The Look. But that’s where it ends. She licks me too much, always wants to play, and is always stealing my bed.

So let’s have a look at my REAL friends, shall we? Of course you all remember my buddy Gonzo Bunny-Ears. He was like a mini-me, plus those crazy bunny ears. He is a good pillow, tons of fun, and I love him.

But he’s only my third-best friend. My second-best friend is Pancho Villa Harriger. He and I used to work together at Casa Marianella back in the day, and lucky for me, his people are my parents’ best friends. He has some great droopy ears and a crazy curly tail, and I always make fun of him for the way he waddles his butt like a duck when he walks. You know the funniest thing about Pancho? Everybody thinks he’s a pointer mix, but you know what? We did a DNA test on him, and he’s half Staffie, and NO pointer! Just goes to show how guessing a dog’s breed by the way he looks is so silly. Anyhow, Pancho and I used to party together a lot when our parents were in grad school. They would get drunk together on beers and whiskey, and we would get drunk together on fun. Here we are being drunk together:

And here we are being more serious. We were campaigning for Obama. You may not be able to tell, but my collar says “Chicks 4 Change.”

And finally, my bestest bestest bestest friend of all is my uncle Tex. He is a most wonderful black lab and I love him to bits and pieces, even if he does bark an awful lot and has lots of neat ninja moves that are cooler than mine. He lives here in DC near my mama and dad, and my best days of all are the days I get to go over and visit him and his people (my grandma and grandpa). They have a big yard for us to run around in and when Tex barks up a storm, grandma gives us treats. It’s like magic! Mama says it’s a good thing he never did teach me to bark, because she would be none too happy. I guess she doesn’t like us dogs getting treats all the time?

And us with my second-uncle Marcel:

I hope you liked meeting my friends! Who are YOUR best buddies?

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  1. Awww, great photos. It really is kinda an exception to the rule that he gets along so well with males. I can understand him not wanting to give in to stevie though, as she kinda sounds like Juneau (wyatt’s sister) and her and Juneau don’t really get along. BUT Luna is the only dog I feel Juneau has any respect for so it’s not a total loss.

    I think Pancho does look like a pointer mix, the ears and the facial markings are almost straight true of the breed. But we will never know, as I don’t trust the DNA tests either.

    Have a great weekend, I doubt I will be able to follow the blog while I’m in Canada but I look forward to catching up when I get back.

  2. Chick, it’s so much fun seeing you with your friends. I, too, loved Gonzo Bunny Ears. Love that picture of you and Pancho looking out the rear window of the car. Continue getting “drunk” on fun!! πŸ™‚ And you are right….Uncle Tex has some cool Ninja moves!! Has he taught Marcel any of his moves? Thank you for sharing your friends with us.

  3. I love the Obama shirt and the Chix for Change comment. Just curious from one Obama fan to another…whatta you thinking right now?

  4. Hi Chick. Reggie here. I love meeting all of your TRUE friends, Chick. Pancho is a real looker. I think we might be friends if we ever met because I don’t like too many licks or sharing my bones. I don’t really dig the others that live in our building. There is the annoying pomeranian who barks when a leaf blows by the window and the goldendoodle who is a slobbering mess. I do get along with my uncle Buddy and uncle KC. They know who’s boss when I come to town. Though that Buddy is getting pretty bold these days.

  5. SO precious!! Love Love Loved your guest post on Yellow Brick home – what you are doing for these sweet faces is inspriational – thanks for sharing!

  6. Love this post! Pancho is such a beautiful dog, and reminds me so much one of my first fosters named Otis (yes, I have a strictly “old man names for dogs” policy). Also, it makes me hopeful that one day we will find Rufus’s dog soulmate!

  7. First of all, that Chicks for Change collar and the Obama dog shirt?! ADORBS!!!! I lurve it! Unfortunately, Rufus is a log cabin Republican (he rebelled against his parents) and Turk is not political…maybe I can find some cause that Turk is passionate about and make him a shirt for that? Rufus’ best friend is an adorable mutt named Ernesto and his second best friend is my mom’s dog, a Brittany Spaniel named Napoleon. Turk’s best friend is Daniel … his second best friend is Rufus … and his third best friends are our besties, Nate and Deanna. Keep the Chick posts coming! They make my day!

  8. Aww, Chick, I know Stevie’s a little pushy and enthusiastic and stuff, but she’s not so bad… However, I can see why you and Mr. Bunny Ears were such good buddies – anyone who lets you sleep on them is a good friend! BTW, Mom thinks your second uncle Marcel is a (and I quote) “cutie-patootie.” My best friend is, of course, my sister. Abby’s a bit of a pain in the tuchus (pushy, enthusiastic, crazy about swimming…. maybe we should introduce her and Stevie – except that you live about a zillion miles from Utah, and Mom says the commute is a bit long), but she’s still my best friend. I mean, we sleep together, we bitey-face together, we chase deer (much to Mom’s dismay) together. Other than an hour of dog class a week, we’re always together… πŸ™‚

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

  9. Tex has some seriously awesome ninja skills.

    And totally random, but Chick reminds me of a doggie Patrick Stewart. I think it’s the forehead or something. But now I’ve started imaging Chick’s “voice” as Patrick Stewart’s voice. It works for him πŸ™‚

  10. I am luvin Chix-a-lot Fridays! Before we only got teeny glimpses of the Handsome Sir Chick. He deserves his own special time in the spotlight! I too am luvin the Doggie Campaign Collar & Tee pic. Too cute!

  11. Another great post about Sir Chick! I love learning more about your resident wonderdog. Molly’s best friends are definately her big brother Gunnar, and a frenchie named Winston and his sister Chloe the Shih tzu.

  12. I love the play pictures you’ve captured! Chick has some true friends there!

    Izzy’s best friend is a red nosed pit named Minnie. We met Minnie on a walk one day and it was love at first site! Izzy and Minnie are best buds and of course we became good friends with her owners. People ask how we know them and I always say “our dogs are friends”. Ha, just like having kids!

  13. Hi Chick! Thank you for showing us all your furry pals! I wish my buddy Bigwig would play with you but he wouldn’t…Bigwig doesn’t think he is allowed to like other doggies for some reason, so his only friend is my equally evil cat named Keighky. They are both self loathing cats and dogs. They hate their own species but seem to rather like one another.

  14. Um I hate to admit it, but I JUST realized your brindle spots match exactly with Stevie’s brindle body! Too cute!

    Darwin’s bff’s are our friends dogs, Juneau and Friday. And of course her brother Boo. She has a few friends at the dog park, mostly Danes. When she sees them from across the park she’ll run over to the to say hi.

    • Yeah, they do kind of match. Stevie’s brindle is actually more vibrant and contrasty than Chick’s, so I secretly think that is the main reason he refuses to love her — b/c she makes his brindle furs look dull in comparison. I love when dogs are breedist. Our good friends have a standard poodle who thinks Chick is fine, but the only dogs he truly adores are other standard poodles πŸ™‚

  15. Thanks for introducing us to your friends and sharing these photos! I especially adore the one of you and Tex playing in the yard together. You guys sure know how to have fun!
    Have you heard from Gonzo’s family? Has he settled in well?

    I love Pancho’s name but I don’t know about him not being a Pointer… It may just be my own mixed experience with DNA tests but those ears just scream that breed! I guess we’ll never know. And it doesn’t really matter anyway. πŸ™‚

  16. Could Chick’s brindle splotches and brindle-dipped butt be any cuter??? Love him! The splotch on the right side of his back kind of looks like a stretched out Texas in the pic — maybe in honor of his uncle!

    • Hey Christine, I don’t know if we’re biased or anything, but we certainly don’t think that Chick could possibly be any cuter. It’s hard to get anything done around the house, we just spend all day marveling at how adorable he is.

      As for the Texas splotch: you know, he is a Texas native. Maybe they branded him when he was a puppy?

  17. What a great group! I always find it funny when dogs like certain dogs and ignore others. Mr. B typically ignores all dogs, and doesn’t even realize they’re in the house, though he really, really liked Bella. Miss M will try to be bossy at first, though usually calms down. Though the other day this dog totally got in her face repeatedly, and she didn’t even realize he was there. I wish I knew what it was that made them like/dislike other dogs.

  18. Awwww Chick, it’s great to see you’re such great friends with your Uncle (he sure is spry!) It looks like your closest pals are all guys- Parker’s best buds are also all boys. He says that girl dogs bring too much drama to be BFFs. Skye doesn’t seem to have any logic to her besties… I’ll have to post about their friends on the blog. I swear your blog inspires me for a new post every time I read it!

  19. Jaxin says his bestest friend EVER in the whole wide universe is Bailey. He is now pretty sure that Bailey is his brother, even though he looks like german shepherd and Bailey looks like a pittie. Jaxin does not like to be apart from his Bailey.
    Bailey’s bestest friend is the cookie jar. Next is the cat. He likes the way she cleans his face and ears. Jaxin is third. Bailey does not like the way Jax cleans his ears; way too much tongue.

  20. Chick is a lucky bloke to have so many wonderful friends. Beryl really only likes other Greyhounds, although she will sometimes deign to play fetch with other dogs if a tennis ball is involved. Frankie has a few best friends but we don’t seem to bump into them as much as we used to on our walks. Mostly his nose is his best friend, it rarely stops sniffing and he won’t actually play with another dog until he’s done smelling:)

  21. my Carson likes dogs okay enough, but he really is a people dog. we puppy sit our friends’ terrier rescue, and they play, but he’s much more excited when our people friends come over to pick up the dog. then the poor pup gets forgotten in a corner while carson begs for pets. our chow mix doesn’t care for either humans or other dogs, so she goes and skulks in the corner…

  22. Chick, you’ve gotta tell your family to bring more boys over as foster dogs. Why should you have to share your house with “yucky” girls?

    Love meeting all your friends.

  23. We loved reading about your BFFs Chick. Anouk doesn’t really have any BFFs amongst the canine world. She’ll say hi, but she prefers to just hang around her people. Zigs thinks every dog in the world is his BFF and then gets surprised when the other dogs don’t really feel that way. I keep telling him that not everydog likes having their head jumped on, but he just finds it so hard to contain his enthusiasm!

  24. Chick sure has great friends! Our Best Friend has dogs he likes, and dogs he respects, but he doesn’t really cuddle or play with anyone. 😦 And he gets picked on at the doggie playground because he’s so socially awkward.) I wonder what Chick would think of him???

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