A letter to Stevie Wonder in her new home

**Our sweet protege, Elderbull Lady Zabora is still at the vet, recovering from some complications related to her spay late last week. The vet hopes to release her to us very soon, but wants to keep her for monitoring for another couple of days just to be on the safe side. Please keep her in your thoughts. Thanks to all for your generous support of her rescue and medical care via her Chip-in and raffle, which will remain open until Labor Day (September 5).**

Dear Stevie Wonder,

We hope you realize what a lucky dog you are. We never thought we would find you your perfect home. We always thought we would have to compromise on something. Maybe the people wouldn’t really really appreciate how special you are. Or maybe they wouldn’t have a yard. Or maybe there wouldn’t be anybody to take you running. Or maybe they wouldn’t let you sleep snuggled up on the bed with them at night. Or maybe there wouldn’t be a perfect little boy for you to become best friends with, and learn with, and grow with, and share your life with, and grow old with. But Stevie, you won the lottery. You got all of these things and more.

We didn’t expect it to be this way Stevie, but you burrowed your way deeper into our hearts than any of our other foster dogs so far — even Lollie Wonderdog. It’s not that we love you more — although we sure do love you a lot — but rather something else. We feel so blessed to have witnessed an incredible transformation in you. We watched you go from a trembling, cowering, broken down, withdrawn mess of a skinny dog to a beautiful, graceful, jubilant, exuberant, bubbly teenaged puppy with an incredible zest for life. Watching you bounce around with a toy in your mouth, grinning from ear to ear, and breakdancing at every opportunity, makes our hearts sing. And to think that your life could have gone so differently.

As you make the transition to your new home, Stevie, we hope you are able to keep that crazy wiggle-butt of yours under control. At least, under control enough that you don’t knock over your new human brother too much. He is going to grow to love you more than he ever realized was possible, but he will do it faster if you aren’t always knocking him over with your enthusiasm. We also hope that you remember that not only is your new mom Liz the boss, but that your new dad Paul is also the boss — even though he is so head over heels for you that he would let you do just about anything you want, if Liz weren’t watching. And we hope that you are able to swiftly redirect the profound amount of love you had for us toward your new family. We know you will do it, but we hope it is as easy and graceful as a swim in the lake. Even though they will always love their sweet Rosie, her absence has left a little hole in their hearts that you will fill. And the sooner the better, Stevie-girl.

Stevie, you have taught us a lot about life and love. From you, we have learned about the addictive effect that pure, unadulterated sweetness can have on a person. Your particular variety is absolutely captivating. We have been reminded of the amazing power of putting your heart right out there and making yourself totally vulnerable to those you love. It’s something that we humans are so shy to do, but you make it so plain to see that it’s the best way to love. We have also learned about the boundless joy of going for a nice long swim in a lake and then rolling around in a stinky dead fish (though we will take your word on this last one).

We will always love you, Stevie Wonder. Thank you for making such a beautiful and permanent imprint on our hearts. We are so much better because of it.

With much gratitude and tenderness,

Foster mom, foster dad, and Sir Chick (who is not ready to admit it, but he kinda did enjoy your incessant tongue baths)

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  1. I am so very happy for Stevie. Her new family look awesome. Every little boy needs a dog to tell his secrets to and her new dad looks at her with such love in his eyes. We hope she never has a day to feel fear or doubt again.

  2. What a lovely letter to Stevie Wonder. And her new family is beautiful. Stevie truly has transformed before our eyes – physically and emotionally. It was a beautiful thing to watch. Thank you – foster parents – and Sir Chick – for giving Stevie another chance at life, love and happiness. You rock!! PS: because of your inspiring posts, I’m in the beginning stages of rescuing a 2-year-old pittie name Chloe. 🙂 Ripple effect!!

  3. Great family photo! So happy for Ms. Stevie and that you’re ready to take on Zabora.

    We were supposed to get a new foster Saturday, but she had to be placed in a different home due to weather. Looks like it worked, because two of the foster mom’s friends fell in love with the little girl and are looking to adopt her!

  4. That is such a beautiful letter. Now why am I weeping? It must be hard for foster dogs to make the transition to a new home after having the most amazing, loving foster parents in the universe. She looks a little tense in that picture but her new family looks wonderful. I hope she relaxes and falls in love with them very soon. You are truly a lucky dog, Stevie. A, I hope you’ll keep us posted on her. Maybe I’m crying because I’ll miss Stevie too. And maybe I’m projecting my love for Louise onto Stevie’s tale. I hope I can do as well for her as you’ve done for the amazing Stevie Wonder.

  5. Just as a tear was about to roll, there was the beautiful family picture at the end! Always bitter sweet to let them go, but so rewarding to see the happy family who love & adore the dog you have been saving, just for them! Awesome new beginning for Miss Stevie! Hoping to hear some happy news for Lady Z soon. Keeping fingers & paws crossed for her.

  6. Wow what a great picture—she looks right at home with them! She will miss you but dogs are so adaptable…as I’ve told myself on so many occasions 🙂

    This is an inspiring story for all of us fosters who feel like the right adopter will never come.

  7. What a wonderful letter. Nice job for all of you(including Stevie Wonder) It really does my heart good to read about this success story!

  8. what a good looking family!! i hope her transition is a smooth one, but even if it’s not, it sounds like her new folks (folks? am i 80?) are ready and willing to deal with it! these goodbye letters of sorts are always the best and hardest to read.

    and i’m still wishing the best for zabora! i really hope things continue to improve!

  9. I always love your send-off letters, not just because of it being a happy ending story but I just love reading your synopsis of the things that made each particular one special. Stevie really is a lucky girl. Lucky to have found her way to the right animal shelter where I could snuggle her every day for awhile and then get seen and picked by you…who got found by what looks to be a pretty perfect family for her!

  10. I am really going to miss seeing Stevie on your blog. She sounds like such a vivacious girl and I have no doubt she will thrive in her knew home. Her new family is wonderful and just special enough to fully appreciate all of her many talents. I am so happy for you all. But I am going to miss her.

  11. Oh, Stevie… you sure did hit the Jackpot in life… you got the best foster home and the best furever home… a rescued doggie could never ask for me! Cheers to you in your wonderful new life!

  12. Wonderful and moving letter to Stevie. Very happy for her and look forward to a letter from the family soon!
    P.S. Did Stevie get to take the doggie pool with her? 🙂

  13. Crying, crying, crying. That’s what I’m doing. Stevie got perfection, and you guys made it happen. Thank you for all you did for her and continue to do for foster dogs, and the inspiration you provide.

  14. Crying also! So touched by Stevie’s good fortune and all the love her foster family put into saving her! Stevie, I’m really going to miss you and I know you will transform Henry’s life forever!

  15. Awww. That brings tears of joy to my eyes. I’m so thrilled for Stevie, and so thrilled that you guys do what you do – seeing Stevie blossom is SO COOL! Have you gotten any updates from any of your other foster kids, like Gonzo, and Lollie? I’d love to see how they are doing, too. But big hugs from my family to you and yours!

  16. ok – still in tears here. What a beautiful and loving tribute to a girl who’s clearly stolen many hearts! I wish her many years of happiness and love with her new family, What a beautiful pack they make 🙂

  17. I’m not going to fall in love with the next one you blog about. I’m not. I’m not. I’m not going to have my heart broken vicariously again and again. I’m NOT!

    Bye bye Stevie. We love you!

  18. I’ve GOT to stop reading during lunch. I end up weepy-eyed and my sandwiches get soggy. Thank you for sticking it out when Stevie was feeling overwhelmed and for helping bring out the confident, care-free girl she really is. She will be a better family member for it and, of course, one of the loveliest ambassadors for her breed that her new neighborhood has ever seen. Well done!

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