Former foster updates: It’s me, Lily!

Many of our long-time readers have recently asked for updates on our early fosters. And wouldn’t you know, we received a letter from Lily Fireworks (formerly Lollie Wonderdog) just last night? Her mom was kind enough to type it for her and send it off. Check out what our unforgettable, inaugural foster baby is up to these days:

Hi Foster mom and dad!

It’s me, Lily Fireworks! I just wanted to say hi and let you know what I’ve been up to…Well, my family got me a new 6 foot fence. I love it, they let me out and I run and run and run around the yard chasing birds. And weren’t they suprised when our neighbor called and said she saw me walking down the street? My mom told her it wasn’t me, that I was in the back yard. But oops, it really WAS me– out for a stroll!

I really wanted to be a hurdler, but there’s a No Pitties rule in track and field, so I had to practice another way.  My dad was NOT happy.  Something about spending my sister’s college tuition on a new fence, then he said a lot of words that I KNOW my brother and sisters are not allowed to use.  And well, then the power tools came out . . . My mom says that’s not a good sign, so we all went inside to make dinner.

me and my brother get tired, protecting against the squirrels and birds all day!

Well my dad thought he fixed it, but then I saw one of those squirrels and I hopped right over the fence.  That time my mom said the bad words! So my dad is adding TWO more feet to the fence!  We’ll see if I can make it over 8 feet!

But the good thing about the fence is now my friends can come over and play . . .

Yep! I have friends!!! When I first moved to my new ‘hood I wanted to bark at EVERY dog. My mom and dad were nervous becasue they wanted me to be an ambassa-dog for bully breeds, and show all of our friends just how good and family friendly pitties could be . . . but umm, I didn’t get the message on that one at first. I was just too excited!  Mom and dad spent a ton of time (and treats-YUM!) trying to get me to enjoy other dogs. It took a while, but now I really like to politely say hello to other dogs! It’s so nice to have friends. I’m still not a fan of the dogs that bark at me, so I just walk on by and ignore them. Their people are SO jealous of how well behaved I am!!!

Anyway, I have a new best friend.  Her name is Kipper, and she’s as little as a pipsqueak. At first I treated her like a snack, but pretty soon, we started walking together nightly and now we even wrestle a little.  Her family LOVES me too! I love to play with Kipper, except sometimes she gets really excited and pees! Oops!

When it’s really hot and we walk together Kipper likes to walk UNDERNEATH my belly. My mom thinks it’s SUPER funny, but it’s hard to walk with a 15 pund dog underneath you!

me and Kipper, out for a walk!

And guess what? I got a new man! His name is Apache and he is super cute, and he’s HUGE. You may have thought I had a big head, but check out me next to my hunky boyfriend Apache! We had the most fantastic date recently, we parallel walked, we chased each other, we wrestled a little . . . I’m so glad you got me fixed, fostermama, because I am done with the puppies thing– it’s good to be a cougar!

Me, my dad, and Apache. All our dates are supervised, since we're just kids!

Anyway, I gotta run. There are squirrels and birds to protect against!

Love, Lily Fireworks

Me with my brother and sister, snuggled in for a hurricane sleepover

27 responses

  1. I always knew that Lilly Fireworks was super talented. Her dedication to keeping the yard squirrel free is admirable. But being a relative of Houdini is extraordinary.

  2. Yay! I am so glad Lily aka Lollie is so happy at her new home, even if she has been getting into trouble. Who knew she could jump so high?
    It’s kind of funny, I was actually thinking about her this morning as I composed my post in my head. Your update couldn’t be more timely for me! That last photo just says it all.

  3. Sounds like Lily and her family are getting along fabulously!! Can’t believe Lily can jump a 6 foot fence – honestly, I had no idea pits could jump that high. Loved the letter – so much humor which, I think, reflects how much the family is enjoying Lily. This made my day – and put a smile on my face!!

  4. Thanks! Awesome update! So glad she is doing well, even if she is practicing for the Olympic high jump. Good luck with the 8ft fence! Looking forward to more updates from Lily’s family!

  5. great update! i would kill to see lily’s friend walking underneath her like that- hilarious!

    i forgot how big she is- how the heck is she getting up and over the fence?? she doesn’t look very…agile. (now, if she was plowing *through* the fence, that i can imagine)

  6. What a great update! I love how well she’s adjusted to her wonderful new family! Silly girl is the best high jumper around…she needs to join the track team for sure! And she certainly has a handsome boyfriend!

  7. I’m so happy to hear that Lily is thriving. Look at her with Apache and her dad. What a lucky girl! I’m curious to see if she can make it over the 8 foot fence. Maybe there’s an agility champion waiting to get out.

  8. They don’t call pit bulls escape artists for nothing. Thank the canine gods Lily ended up with a wonderful family committed to working through any challenges and creating the best life for her. She looks fantastic. Love the picture of her and Apache!

  9. Grrrreat Lolly/ Lily update! She is the one who first brought me to your blog via “Ohmidog!” Loved the Veggies video of her! Wowzers, those veggies must really be working for her! What a high jumper she is! I can only imagine the *bleeped* words that came from Mom & Dad after spending the kids college money & all that hard work putting that long shiny hurdle up for Miss Lily to practice her high jumps on! LOL My son has a pittie escape artist too, who looks a lot like Lady Z. I have heard many *bleeps* & amazing escape tales via the telephone about my grand dog. LOL! So happy for Lily & her family. You can just feel the love coming from those pics!

  10. I love Lily so much! I know I should feel bad but on some level I’m proud of her for being able to jump that fence…I hope she learns not to do it again (or that 8 feet is the limit) but nevertheless I found myself beaming while reading the story!

  11. Hi Lily Fireworks! Great to see you again. Jumping a six foot fence is pretty impressive. Anouk would like to know how you manage that. She always wants to see over the fence as the most exciting things happen outside the yard. Given we live on a main road, I’m less keen for her to do that.
    I’m so glad that your family had you to keep them company during the hurricane. I’m sure you were the best comfort ever.
    Take care xox

  12. Good God, the picture with Kipper is Ridiculous (in a painfully adorable way). That must make you so happy. Congratulations and thanks for sharing the good tidings.

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