A letter to Little Zee in her new home

Dear Little Zee,

Gosh, you’re really gone. It’s amazing and numbing and wonderful and heartbreaking and joyful and astounding all at once. When we met you in August, you were an eight-year-old pit bull with goopy eyes and a physical disability in a large shelter. You had either a dark future or a long road ahead of you, we thought. But when we said goodbye to you just a few short weeks later, you were a shining star. A celebri-dog. An elder-belle. An internet sensation, a remarkable fundraiser, and a snuggle-bear with fur like velvet and eyes that can melt even the most hardened of souls.

But your new family does not have hardened souls. Zee, you were happily napping and drooling on the couch when I had this conversation, but I took a liking to your new mama as soon as we talked on the phone that first time. I loved that she was not put off by your age or your disability, but in fact drawn in by it. I loved that she and her hunny — your new daddy — had been waiting for the right time to adopt their first dog and thought carefully about what type of dog would be the best fit for their current and future family. When they came over to meet you, I loved how they loved you. How they kept remarking at how sweet, social, and soft you are. How you don’t mind being picked up and held. I loved thinking about how you would teach them so much about the purity and sweetness of a good dog’s love, and their lives will be forever changed by you.

Zee, you have bolstered our faith and pride in humanity. You have showed us how much compassion and love there can be for a tiny underdog in this world. That although puppies and young dogs will always be in the spotlight, there is enough space on the stage for a humble, lovable, older gal like yourself to bathe in the warm glow too. The amount of support we received while you were in our care — in the form of donations, quick emails, and long, emotional letters — really blew us away. We cried often while you were with us, but our tears were not tears of frustration or sadness, but rather tears that spilled over when our hearts were so full from the love of our community that we couldn’t fit any more thankfulness inside ourselves. We will always be grateful for the way you wiggled your way not only into our lives, but into the lives of hundreds of others who know you through photos and stories alone. Thank you, Little Zee.

With love, longing, and tenderness,

Foster mom, foster dad, and Sir Chick (who is so proud to share his Elderbull title with you)

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  1. What a remarkable triumph for this sweet and deserving lady! Some of the most wonderful gifts happen when you least expect them. Kudos to you both and to Zee’s new family for having open hearts 🙂

  2. What a beautiful letter…brought tears to my eyes, as the loveyou have for Zee is so heartwarming. I’m so glad you have found her a forever home and her new parents seem to know how special she is too. Thanks for sharing this with all of us. ♥♥

  3. Wishing Zee a long and happy life in her new home. She deserves it. Her new family sounds like they will give her that and then some!

  4. Such a beautiful letter! The hardest part, as well as the most rewarding part, of fostering must be letting them go. Knowing, however, that you have found Zee (and all your other fosters) the perfect family will helpfully hope to fill the void left behind. You and your hubby are making the world a better place – one dog at a time. Keep up the great work!

  5. Cannot WAIT to hear updates from her new family! She is a lucky, lucky dog to have been brought into your lives and saved (and you are lucky, lucky humans to have spent time with her in return)!

  6. Little Zee, I couldn’t possibly say it any better than your foster mom has. She was lucky enough to be around you. Now you have your new mom and dad and the good times will continue for you. Hugs, kisses, and hippy-hops to you, you sweet elder-belle! You’ll show the world how wonderful older, slightly-disabled pittie-types are. You’ll show them!!

  7. so precious! I am so happy she found a home – she’s such a gem!

    Random quesition – the sleeping bag Chick is pictured with [red w/ fuzzy inside] – is that specific for dogs or did he stake claim on a human sleeping bag? We learned this weekend with the drop in Temp that our little pit LOVES sleeping under the covers – unfortunately he hogs the bed and we don’t want it to become a habit. We’d love to get him a sleeping bag though. Thanks!

  8. Little Zee was the underdogs of underdogs and boy did she show all of us! I am amazed by the power of this community coming together to raise her money, donate prizes, and offer their support and encouragement. Not in the least, the talent you and Foster Dad have for highlighting what is so loveable about each of your fosters. With such a village behind her, Zee’s happy ending was inevitable.

  9. Litte Zee, pardon me, Little Medivka! Congratulations on finding your forever home!

    We look forward to sharing your stories with your new family. Will love to see how you experience playing in the autumn leaves and winter snow, the new friends you’ll make and the walks around your new home. Thanks Medivka and your humans for letting us share in your road to home.

    With love from Texas,

    Scott, Bentley, & River

  10. What a Most Beautiful letter to a Most Beautiful doggie. I am oh-so-happy that she found her Most Perfect Home That Ever Was and oh-so-thankful to you for helping her find it.

    You’re gonna have the bestest life, Zee!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  11. What a beautiful letter. I’m tearing up too. You have such a gift for opening people’s hearts. I’m so happy for you, Little Zee and her new parents. You all make me want to take in an Elderbull.

  12. Big wags for you little Zee and Little Zee’s forever pack! This happy ending makes me smile and cry at the same time. Here’s to good dogs (which is to say, all dogs) and good people.


  13. Little Zee, May your life always be filled with good food, a soft, warm place to sleep, tummy rubs and most importantly love.
    I feel like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz – I’ve loved all the foster dogs, but I’m going to miss you most of all.
    Are her new family keeping the name Little Zee?

  14. Zabora/Medivka’s story makes me look forward to the day when we are able to foster. What an amazing impact you make on the world of the dogs who cross your path. I’m honored to be able to learn so much from your experiences. Thank you!

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