Dear fostering, we missed you!

Dear fostering,

Oh, how we have missed you. We thought it would be easy to quit you. We thought that with everything going on, we’d forget about you for a little while. We moved, after all. To a new state. Halfway across the country. We took a two-week road trip in California. Moved into a house full of boxes. We had Big Things on our minds. You should have been pushed out of our brains.

And yet. I couldn’t get you out of my mind. We bid our Curious Georgia farewell in DC just days before we took off for our road trip, and got our pit bull fix at BAD RAP and Hikeabull just days after we arrived in California. And as our return — and subsequent drive to our new home base in Austin — drew near, I got the fever. The foster fever.

So we got here, found the essentials in a mountain of boxes (coffee maker, underwear, cell phone chargers, dog treats . . .), and immediately started to get restless. I would think about sweet little pit bull noses, and my leg would start to twitch. I would think about warm little pit bull bellies, and my fingers would itch. I would see a pit bull riding in the back of a car, and my face would break out into a big grin. I would clear a spot for our foster crate in the guest bedroom, and my heart would flutter. Fostering, we missed you so. When could we start anew?

We got home from a Thanksgiving trip last night, and this marks our first full week in Austin since our move — seems like a good time to start a new adventure. So fostering, we’re finally reunited. And it feels so good.

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  1. What a beautiful face! And Aleksandra you are amazing… With all you have going on and you are fostering again… Texas is lucky to have you!! Can’t wait to read about your foster adventures. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  2. Although your recent blogs have been as wonderful as ever, I am so excited to fall in love with your next special friend. Your writing and your photographic genius are such a gift. THey get my mornings off to such a happy start.

  3. OMG – Dora is absolutely precious. Can’t wait to learn more about her. Does Dora have any idea just how lucky she is to have you as her foster mama??!!

  4. I am SUPER excited to hear more about her but even more interested to see the different dynamics of fostering in Tejas VS fostering in the DC Metro….I wonder what the lengths of time the doggies will be there with you will be like. I can’t wait to take this crazy journey with you guys (and all of the future fosters)! So far Maryland and DC have not fallen into the Earth since you left so I think everything is going to be fine here without you but I am not jumping to any conclusions!

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