Meet Dora the Explorer!

Pop quiz: Which of these two ladies is Dora the Explorer, a silly cartoon character loved by children all around the world? Tough question — it could be either, right?

While these two cute girls share a name, only one of them is our new foster dog. We are thrilled to introduce our newest resident, Dora the Explorer!

We hadn’t been home from our Thanksgiving trip for 15 minutes before Dora trotted in, butt wiggling and tail waggling like there’s no tomorrow. Her little feet barely had time to tap dance across the room in excited fashion, and we were already consumed in giggles at her cuteness. After all, just look at that mug!

Miss Dora has the cutest expression we’ve met in a while, but she’s not just a pretty face — she has a BIG personality to match. In the recent past we’ve gravitated toward the shy, introverted dogs for foster — we’ve found them to be easier to integrate into our home. But Dora needed a soft place to land, and it just so happens that she loves to party. She’s the kind of party guest who brings a bottle of the good stuff, gets your grandma dancing with a lampshade on, and then politely cleans up after everybody’s gone home. Dora’s taking all of us for a joyride, and if she can help it, we’re all going to have a smashing good time!

"If this is a party, then where's the cupcakes?"

26 responses

  1. Dora is such a pretty name for a fun-loving, party girl! She looks like a blast. Congratulations on getting back into fostering! After yesterday’s post, I knew something awesome was in the works. You are an official addict now! 😉

  2. Does she have a hair lip or just a huge underbite? Either way, love the facial expression. Our girl and our foster girl both have pretty cute underbites and sometimes their little teeth stick out– 100% adorable!

  3. Time out. Need a quick photo lesson…why are yours still so much better than mine! I know you’re a professional and I can rarely shoot in natural light. Is it the aperture setting that I should be playing with?

    Skinny Fat Kid keeps telling me to read the manual and I agree, but I’m currently consumed in “How to Train your Leash Reactive Dog”.

  4. Having a different nature in the house is always nice. 🙂 I had a year of greyhound rescue, followed by this year with private rescues/surrenders… This year was a lot more colourful, to say the least!

  5. Hmmm I am wondering whether Dora’s party girl antics will gel with Chick’s more mature attitude! Although he can always lock her in the dog house 🙂

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