The Picture of Dora on Gray

In his novel, the Picture of Dorian Gray, Oscar Wilde tells a tale of vanity and duplicity. The tragic hero, Dorian, becomes obsessed with his own beauty and sells his soul for the promise that his physical beauty will remain ageless, pure, and true. At the same time, any sin or ugliness he commits will be reflected in a prominent painting depicting his likeness. As his vanity grows, his sins grow in proportion. Eventually, the painting of Dorian Gray is disfigured and ugly, while the person Dorian Gray is young and beautiful as before.

Our picture of Dora on Gray is quite different.

Risking her vanity, foster dad and I bought a new pull-out sofa for our guest room last weekend. Either because of or despite her beauty, we opted for a sofa model called The Dora, in the color, Dora Gray.

Neither of us are painters like Basil Hallward in the novel, but I am a photographer. I took some photos of Dora on Gray, all the while hoping that she would not become infatuated with her own beauty and make a deal with the devil.

Luckily, our adoptable Dora the Explorer is a humble girl. If she is aware of her own good looks or kindness, she doesn’t show it. As far as she knows, she’s just a regular dog, through and through.

She loves to take epic naps, make sweet little piggy noises while she dreams, lick the insides of our ears clean, dance a jig by way of saying ‘hello,’ and make everybody who crosses her path fall deeply, madly in love.

While the real Dorian Gray might have made a bargain with the devil, our little Dora on Gray is just a sweet, good-hearted dog who wants nothing more than a loving family and a warm, comfy bed (in a color that complements her beautiful complexion)– she’ll do what she can to get it, but she’ll make no nefarious deals. To heck with the devil, she’s a good girl!

For more info on adopting Dora the Explorer, click here or contact us at info [at] loveandaleash [dot] com.

22 responses

  1. Don’t forget her lovely ears! And I love those little piggy noises! Nothing could be more charming than a snoring dog. Dora is absolutely gorgeous, that is for sure.

  2. Now I want to read that book!

    I am very glad that Dora isn’t wiling to make a deal with the Devil for a family. She’s so cute, a family will come without any deal making!

  3. That sofa was just made for Dora. I’m afraid that when she finds her forever family, the sofa will be part of the deal! 🙂

    • It’s a West Elm sleeper that we got at the outlet for a ridiculous price. We call it “The Dora” of course, but I believe the actual name of it is “The Henry.” The velvety texture is to die for, and it’s the only sleeper I’ve found that I can afford and doesn’t look like it belongs in a soap opera.

      XO A

  4. Your pictures are wonderful and I love Dora’s adorable upturned nose. And your narrative is also so well done. Every pit bull in need of a home should have your talents behind them as I firmly believe each and every homeless pitty would find their forever home a hell of a lot faster!

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