How’s that crate training going?

Crate training the Dude has looked a little bit like this:

Some may recall that the night he came to us, we tucked him away in his crate and woke the next morning next to an intact crate halfway across the room, and a peacefully sleeping Dude on the sofa. Out came the zip-ties, and the Dude took an alternative approach: pushing and nudging at the metal bars until they gave in, bending into perfect diamond-shape patterns with jagged edges: just the right size and shape for a dog Snickerdoodle’s size to stick his head through and puncture his neck on the sharp corners.

A few failed attempts at buttering the boy up later, we landed a rehomed plastic crate (apparently better for destructive dogs).

Naturally, he was skeptical. The first day, he wouldn’t even come in the same room as the crate. The second day, he wouldn’t come near the crate. The third day, we came up with a brilliant idea: Invite his mentor/boyfriend/brother Chick into the crate first. We never did crate train the Chickster, but when we filled the bottom crate half with bedding and invited him in for a nap, he didn’t hesitate to hop right in to the cozy nest. And wouldn’t you know? The Dude dove right in after him. For the Doodlebug, it’s hard to resist a little snuggle-time with his big bro.

Eventually, we warmed up to where the Dude would enter the crate shell first– assisted by some hot dog bits — if Chick was nearby and looking like he was headed in the same direction. But if Chick was nowhere in sight? No way, Jose.

We feel really lucky that the two are such good compadres and are relatively trustworthy — barring any garbage can escapades — when left loose alone together in the house. And honestly, given how sweet these two look snuggled up like this, we’re not in too much of a crate-training rush.


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34 responses

  1. Two cute peas in a pod; and such a lot of good info about the Doodle-bug you’re shoring up for however this foster story finally ends. (Did you ever feel like you might start pulling petals off of an imaginary daisy? He stays. No, he doesn’t. He stays. No, he doesn’t. He s-t-a-y-s. N-o. H-e d-o-e-s-n-t.)

  2. This is absolutely adorable! It’s funny to see how much our puppy watches our big dog… while Fae (the puppy) sometimes doesn’t want to go into her own crate, she will happily run into Daphne’s crate and curl up. Daph, of course, is not snuggly like yours, so she responds by looking annoyed and then skulking away. Entertaining for us, though 🙂 And maintains hope that we will all someday be in a happy crate place.

  3. This is the sweetest sight. I adore it when my two dogs, one of which has space issues, cuddle up next to each other. My little one, tho, usually pushes her way into the same bed as my other.

  4. Chick has really stepped up to the plate and taken care of his new foster brother. He was absolutely correct when he said “I love dudes”. He and Snickerdoodle are the best of friends! Love the pics (as always).

  5. I read this on my phone so the pics are small and I really thought that Chick’s back was the Dude’s body in the last one. They blend into one superbull!!

  6. They are totally Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson bromance material. Do they crash weddings, too? I am so glad that Chick is helping Dude to learn the ways of the crate, even if it just means a bro-slumber party. They are adorable together!

  7. too cute. we have two pups that are inseparable. they both sleep in the dog house together, and are not small dogs by any means!

  8. You could also try propping the gate/door in the slots (without the top on) once they get in for their nap to give a sense of what the crate will look like while the top is still open and “escape” is possible.

  9. Beware of the metal crate door ( if thats the kind this is) when you reattach. Our doggie would yank it in to snap it out of plastic and get wedged and cut trying to push himself back out it. Good lUck

  10. I love to see them cuddled up like that! It’s interesting to me how certain dogs either like a crate or they don’t. We have 2 Hungarian Vizslas, the older male loves his crate and will just go in there to lounge throughout the day, the younger female will only go in when we leave the house…otherwise, she’s claimed our bed for napping. 🙂

  11. Absolutely precious! They are a gorgeous pair.

    P.S. My stray pal Cruiser got adopted on Saturday!! Thanks for the support on that 🙂

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