Weekend in review!

The boys have been in a bit of a “fun hangover” the past few days.

They’ve been so busy re-living the great visit they had with their special guests, that they haven’t even had time to blog. Eep!

Most folks have already found out about our special guest from her blog posts this week — we had a great visit with our pal Juliana from Peace, Love, and Fostering and her hunny Mark. Chick had met Juliana before, and was excited to introduce her to his brother, Doodlebug. Immediately, both boys knew that Juliana was their very best friend in the whole world.

And once we dressed our visitors up in cowboy boots that match our boys’ beautiful brown-and-white furs, they decided that Mark could join their elite club, too.

Having dog-lover visitors is always such a treat, but having dog-lovers who also carry cameras wherever they go is extra special. Those who are always behind the lens are familiar with the bittersweet feeling of having great photos of things going on around them, but never being in the photos. So we were thrilled that Juliana kindly showered us with her photojournalistic splendor and reminded us of what our life looks like when mama’s not behind the lens:

photo courtesy Juliana Willems

photo courtesy Juliana Willems

photo courtesy Juliana Willems

As much lovin’ as the boys had, us humans snuck off for some fun of our own too — primarily in the form of eating, drinking, and splashing around in Austin’s many swimming spots.

Thanks for the great visit, friends! Come back soon!





21 responses

  1. Love all of the pictures!! Nice seeing you with your boys!! Juliana’s cowboy boots are perfect!! Hope the boys recover from all that fun real soon….Chick needs to start writing his column for tomorrow’s post!!

  2. looks like you guys had a great time! makes me miss austin even more. aleks, however did you stand living in MD? you are so obviously an austin girl!

  3. What fabulous photos of you, Aleksandra! It’s fun to see you in them. Unlike you, though, I’m grateful to be behind the lens and not in front of it. I love Chick’s content and smushy face as you are petting him.

  4. What great pictures, and I’m so glad (again) that you decided your family wasn’t complete without Doodlebug.

  5. Whaaaa! I SO much want to visit! Looks like a wonderful time was had by all. (Great shots, btw. ) Would love to meet the family too. Have a great weekend!

  6. I am so touched by these lovely photos… I look forward to them every day… am so overwhelmed today with work that I was about to delete this post without looking and thought to myself, nope, I bet this is exactly what I need right now and it is! Thank you, just absolutely precious.

  7. I love the photo of you sitting on the grass and hugging both of your pups!!!! You reminded met that while I have a ton of photos of my dog, I have none of me and my dog, which is something I definitely need to change.

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