Chix-A-Lot Friday: Agilidoggin’

Yesterday me and my Doodlebug went agilidoggin’ for the second week in a row, and holy moly was it agili-licious!

Mama signed us up for an intro-duck-shun class with her and dad, saying something about how it would be good for our confidence and working around other dogs or something like that. Mama says that agility is a good job for dogs who are nervous because it lets them focus on something other than their scarediness and have fun even though they are a little bit worried about the other dogs. And you know what? It’s true!

At tonight’s class, Doodlebug was ready to forget about all the other dogs right away. He put on his cooling vest (mama says he has to wear it because he has so many problems that he has to go to the Dogtor for all the time) and started hamming it up for the nice lady with the peppy attitude and the treats. What a dork he is!

I, on the other hand, took a little while to find my groove. You see, even though Dude is newer at this whole learning thing than I am and I am a reformed reactive dog, he has had a lot more practice lately than me. He has been going to the Center a lot and getting to play and work and practice around all kinds of other dogs. But me — I’m a little out of practice. So when we got there last week for the first time, I was a little bewildered! I took my time sniffing, peeing on stuff, and stone cold pretending the other dogs weren’t there. Until Dad got the squeaky toy. And then my worry was broken, and all I think was squeakysqueakysqueakysqueakysqueakysqueaky!!!

And I leapt, and I bounded, and I ran across all those jumps so fast that dad couldn’t even get the eyephone to go “snap” fast enough to catch me. Check me out, running and jumping at the speed of light!

Ok so then after we did all the jumpings, it was time to do the con-tacks. That means the things you walk on top of or jump on top of (rather than over and through them), I think. I like the “table” the best because you get to jump up on it and just sit there, and you get lots of treats and hugs. But I also like to do the kitty-walk. We walk toward it and dad says “walk it!” and I sashay like a supermodel, picturing myself on the runway wearing a fur coat made of kitty cats. Just look. Aren’t I glamorous up there, with my long supermodel legs and my beautiful, beautiful snow white furs?

Well then it was time to do the chutes and ladders tunnels. You might think that those things are scary for a dog like me, and you would be right. But I promised dad that I would be brave, so I went in that deep dark tunnel! And you know what was waiting for me when I got to the other side? Dad! Again! With treats!

After those first few times, I started to have fun, running toward the tunnel with him, then racing him toward the sunset — him on the outside and me on the inside. Just look how fast he has to run to keep up with my lightning-dog pace!

Doodlebug and I can’t WAIT for next Thursday so we can go agilidogging again. It’s the most fun we have all week!

Oh, and mama, we know the real reason you signed us up for agilidog class: you wanted to see which one of us boys is the better agilitator! Obviously, I am the better mathlete. But am I the better agilidog too? Check our blog facebook page to find out!

17 responses

  1. Lucky boys! That looks like tons of fun! Btw, where can I find a cooling vest? I thinl I have a dog who could use one during this sweltering chicago heat wave.

  2. What a great way to spend time with your dog! I have an 11 month old puppy who would benefit from this type of activity.

  3. Agility is FANTASTIC for building confidence in dogs. I love to watch the dogs coming in to class, I can usually spot the dog/handler team who is going to be ‘most improved’ by the end of class. By the end of the first night, there is an attitude change. Fabulous fun!

  4. We LOVE agility work and class, and we have competed too. All four of ours are at different levels, and good, but it’s our american bulldog mix that seems to have the most desire for it. Our agility trainer says he is her favorite black and white dog, that she doesn’t own, and she normally runs border collies 🙂

  5. I just found your blog and have been having so much fun reading over it!! I used to be a foster home until I fell in love with my current baby, Bella (pitbull-rottweiler-boxer), who is unfortunately crazy around other dogs. I just love reading about all your doggies and I’m glad to see that they’re all being such great advocates for their breeds!!

    But mostly, I just wanted to say hi! Lots of love and good wishes from me and Bellie Bear.

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