Chix-A-Lot Friday: My brother and the sweet potato

So, mama came home yesterday afternoon from the store that smells like food, and she said “Doodlebug, I got you some sweet potatoes!”

And of course I knew that when mama said that, she meant she was gonna put them in the cabinet and cut some of them into chunks and put them in the big bowl with some water and put it on top of the fire-maker in the kitchen. Then after the kitchen was nice and humid and smelling of sweet potato yumminess, they would be ready and mama would put a little slice into a bowl of ice for each of us and let us have a nice snack. And the rest she would save for Doodlebug’s breakfasts and dinners.

But I guess Doodlebug doesn’t know that’s the way it works.

Here’s what went down.

Mama set the bag of sweet potatoes on the floor in the kitchen and took to her forever-task of moving things around on the counters and putting her hands in the water. Doodlebug walked over to say “Hi mama!”

Then he sniffed the air, and thought to himself: “Whoa. Sweet potatoes. My favorite.”

And then when mama didn’t pay him any attention, he thought to himself: “Don’t mind if I do!”

And he did!


Silly Dude. The craziest part was that instead of yelling, hollering, and screaming, mama was just laughing and going snap snap with her camera, like it was funny, instead of a Very Serious Crime. Mama, what gives?

So Doodlebug ran over to his favorite snacking spot and had himself a big ol’ party with his booty.


Then mama finally told him that stealing sweet potatoes was not polite, and he looked at her like: “Who, me?



And then she made him clean it all up while I sat nearby and snickered under my breath. The poor, silly Doodlebug just hasn’t learned a thing about sneakiness from me yet!


37 responses

  1. Look at that Doodlebug face in the 2nd to last picture!

    Reggie loves sweet potato. I mash it and put it in his Kong and then freeze it.

    I got that idea from you and it’s turned out to be a big hit!

  2. Hilarious! – the Dude has something yet to learn from Chick but he lives and eats on his own terms :). Too cute. Hmmm….think I’ll pick up some sweet potatoes at the market tomorrow for the herd.

  3. While I know the value of being a good dog most of the time….I can’t help but quietly cheer for the dude making sure he still has time for mischief now and again!

  4. I bet the sweet potato was saying to Dude, “eat me, eat me” = )

    It’s so funny when our furry ones end up stealing something, especially because it rarely happens. But I can’t count the times Tommy takes stuff out of the recycling box, to shred them for me = )

    ~ L.

  5. LOVE IT, LOVE IT! I am rolling on the floor laughing right now! Glad Mommy grabbed the camera as these are hilarious! I have been known to grab the Success Rice box and run around the house with it (with the rice still in the box too)! Then my Mommy catches me!

  6. Caught in the act! This is why I love dogs – they are usually so good at minding their manners, but it is so cute to see them act on their own accord. When it is harmless antics like this, you just can’t help but be charmed by their sneakiness.

    BTW, you’ve inspired another foster parent. Despite having three of my own, we decided to take another in. Ours are all seniors, and we’ve developed a huge soft spot for older dogs. I feel like I’ve found my mission in life to help senior dogs become loved and appreciated – they make wonderful companions.

  7. I used to have adog with american staffy in her…she would do this with carrots. Your series of photos to capture the moment is HILARIOUS by the way, your doggies are just the cutest things.

  8. Our pittie did this with an apple. We set the groceries down, and then I said “Didn’t we buy TWO apples?” which is when we heard “crunch, crunch, crunch”.

    Then the other day we came home and out Pom mix greeted us with a cherry tomato in her mouth. Turns out she’d hopped onto a chair, and then onto the dining table, where she helped herself to a bowl that had contained about two cups worth.

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