Block Party!

After Stevie and I went running yesterday evening, we had to rush home and clean up fast — me with a shower, Stevie with a check in the mirror and a quick spray of binaca in her mouth — because a very special visitor was coming over to take our lady for an evening stroll.

As she is known to do, she impressed him with her most polite, modest, and feminine of behavior:

After that ladylike display, we were off.

We rounded the corner, and what did we discover? A block party! With all our favorite neighborhood friends, including our good pals who have been taking Stevie for daytime adventures while we toil away at work.

For her new special friend, Stevie showed off a move that Chick has taught her, using her neighborhood buddy Amanda as a prop: the “Hard To Get”

And it worked. He was smitten. But in the end, her tongue told him all he really needed to know about the reciprocity of her feelings:

Stay tuned . . .



The Prom

It was the doggie prom at our house this weekend, and both Stevie Wonder and Sir Chick got to go. They got special prom outfits that fostermom picked up at the thrift store for them — a sparkly sequined Hello Kitty skirt for Miss Stevie, and a blue paisley tie for Sir Chick.

Unfortunately, we didn’t give them adequate time to find dates, so they ended up having to go with each other. This did NOT make them happy.

Even though they were initially reluctant to be each other’s date, they agreed to go since they both love to party in general and dance in particular.

At the end of the evening, both were quite pooped and fell asleep still wearing their party clothes.

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Chix-a-Lot Friday: Foster Dad’s Take

FosterMom often describes Chick as an “ambassadog,” which I think means that Chick’s charm, good looks, and positive attitude easily win over skeptics and show how loving these tough-looking dogs can be.  Common early reactions to Chick include, “He’s really a pit bull?  But he seems so friendly!” or “He’s so well behaved for a pit bull!” or “Does he bite?” or, my personal favorite, “He could turn at any moment.”  But Chick’s admirers quickly are convinced otherwise.

When we first met, we were not too interested in each other.  Chick emerged from the shelter and dove headlong into the important task of sniffing the ground.  He breathed deeply, relishing the outside-of-the-shelter earth and all its scented mysteries.  It was the equivalent of a man long at sea who gratefully kisses dry land upon his return.  Chick was getting a good whiff of freedom.

I, on the other hand, was apprehensive.  Although FosterMom had told me all about how friendly and gentle Chick was, I had never met a pit bull.  I contemplated his big boxy head, thick neck, and wrinkly forehead.  I offered a hand.  Not nearly as interesting as dirt.  I took his leash, and he dragged me, zigzag, across the parking lot.

It was a short and successful courtship.  When we got home, Chick began to show off his charisma.  He curled up happily on his new dog bed.  He offered his warm, pink belly for a good rub.

Plus, I soon learned that Chick and I have a lot in common.  We both enjoy tennis…

playing in the snow…

reading the newspaper…

admiring art…

studying for law school exams…

and, every once in a while, enjoying a glass of good scotch.

We became fast friends.

“He could turn at any moment . . . and give you a big, juicy, tuna-flavored French kiss.”

formula for a sleepy Stevie

First, take a surprise offer from a neighbor/friend to take Stevie running while you’re at work. For best results, use a neighbor/friend who is a longtime pit bull lover and rescuer.

Add two ultra-awesome boys who love dogs and especially pitties.

Toss with plenty of sunshine and a lush green creek-side trail. Mix for about 40 minutes.

Once the Stevie is nice and panty, add a Chick. Sprinkle with generous petting.

Dip the Stevie and Chick in the baby pool.

Put in crate to set for 5 hours.

In the evening, enjoy your sleepy Stevie!

Thanks for giving our kiddos such a nice surprise yesterday, Amanda and boys!

sneaky snuggling

We’re not going to sugar-coat it: the love between Stevie Wonder and Sir Chick is NOT mutual. Sir Chick is a mature gentleman and he tolerates his foster sister’s affection, antics, and crazy puppy-like energy with grace and patience, but it is clear that her love for him is unrequited. Chick will politely tolerate most dogs, but there are very few that he truly loves. Our former foster Gonzo Bunny-Ears was one of the lucky few; Chick’s uncle Tex the black lab is another.

And yet, Stevie just can’t get enough of her Chicken. Her latest trick is pretending to sleep at an acceptable-to-Chick distance (6-9 inches is generally enough space), and then once he falls asleep, she sneaks over, ever-so-gently, for a little bit of cuddling. It’s not totally satisfying, but it will have to do. Poor Stevie.

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Two American Loves: pet adoption and farm equipment!

This weekend two great American loves —  pet adoption and farm equipment — came together in one symphony that played at hundreds of locations in 44 states.

That’s right, it was the Tractor Supply Company’s first annual pet adoption event!!

One downside of living in a major metropolitan area like DC is that the closest farm supply store is actually not very close by, so we had to drive for more than an hour to get there. But that was no deterrent — when our friend and fellow pittie rescue mom invited us, we knew we couldn’t pass it up, especially knowing that Stevie Wonder and our friend’s beautiful foster, Kayla, have the exact same adoption vest!

Stevie had tons of fun at the event. She got to make friends with a whole crew of adoptable cocker spaniels from a breed-specific rescue, as well as a little boy who shared her affinity for tractor-driving:

She also got to spend plenty of time loving on strangers who came to tell her hello and how much they like her vest and how sad they are that they can’t adopt her:

But what she enjoyed most of all was hanging out with her fellow fostered MCHS pit bulls Midas, Angel, and Kayla:

Unfortunately there were more adoptable dogs than potential adopters, but Stevie didn’t mind one bit. She loved the tractors, loved the attention, and especially loved getting to hang out with the brown pit bull crew from MCHS!

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do you think my tractor’s sexy?

Hi guys, it’s me! Stevie Wonder!

On Saturday mom and dad put me in the car (which I HATE) and we drove and drove and drove. It actually wasn’t so bad because mom let me sit on top of her and also on top of a big cozy blanket on the way (which I LOVE). So I got some good snuggles in and got nice and dozy after a while and I took a little dognap.

Anyway, we drove and drove, and then when we stopped, we were at a big giant enormous parking lot with a bunch of colorful machineries parked out front with the cars! It was so neat-o! I got to hang out with my friends and meet a bunch of strangers (I will let mom tell you about that tomorrow), but the best part? I got to ride a tractor!!

Um. Ok, well I didn’t really get to ride it because it didn’t go anywhere and it didn’t even go vroom-vroom, and it wasn’t really a tractor but more like a big lawnmower that you sit on top of, but still. It was neat-o! Don’t I look like a natural up there?

XOXO, Stevie Wonder

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Chix-a-Lot Friday: Mexican Food and Laundry

. . . continued from last Chix-a-Lot Friday, How I Met My One.

Well, we hopped in the car. I wouldn’t have known to call it that back then, I hardly knew anything at all. But The One has taught me a lot over the years. It smelled nice in the car, and the dog bed in the back was soft and cozy and not at all covered in dog food or drool or fur or pee. What a nice change. I was sleepy, but too nervous and excited to take the long-overdue nap I wanted. We drove for a while, and then we were there.  I knew that because she told me: “We’re home!” And I didn’t know what that meant either, but I could tell by how she was smiling even though her eyes were watery that this was a good thing.

Well it turned out that “home” was a place with a few rooms, lots of soft places to lay down, a yard with lots of things to smell and even more mosquitos on the prowl, the two other girls who smelled like Mexican food and laundry, and the cutest kitten I ever did see! I didn’t know what to make of it all at first, but soon I realized that it wasn’t just a fun adventure like when The One was just Nice Lady and would take me to the enclosed field at the slammer to run around. I was going to get to stay with her. Forever.

me and my kitten

his name was Illy and we were in love

I loved those two other girls who smelled like Mexican food and laundry, and I really loved my kitten. Only he wasn’t mine for real. But he was my roommate and my buddy. We would play chase and cuddle up for naps and he would play funny jokes on me like climb all the way to the top of the bookshelf and wait until I ran by looking for him, and then he would fly through the air and jump on me. Silly Illy.

So I started thinking I was going to have a pretty good life of rest and relaxation, right? Well, it turned out I was wrong. One day Mom woke me from my beauty sleep and informed me that I had to work to earn my keep! I didn’t know what that meant, but normally when we were going somewhere it was a fun thing, so I happily came along. It turned out that mom was taking me to a place that smelled of Mexican food and laundry and inducting me into a society of girls who smelled like Mexican food and laundry. The girls were all so excited to meet me, because they had heard all about me during their weekly staff meetings when mom would talk about me and cry and they convinced her that she should bust me outta the slammer because it was so obvious to them that we were each other’s Ones. They were such nice girls and in some ways I owe my life to them. And I was going to be their coworker!

the girls. i shoulda been in the picture too, but i was off hunting for chicken bones or playing soccer with my friends. mom's in the middle there, and the two other girls who came to the slammer to meet me are to your left of her.

The place we worked was Casa Marianella, which was nothing at all like the slammer. It was a nice house with lots of nice people, and was open to people who had traveled very far and didn’t speak English and were hungry and tired and scared and didn’t know where else to go. Because we lived in Texas, most of the people who came to visit spoke Spanish, which neither my one nor I spoke when we started working there (but we learned). The people visited for a few weeks, and during that time the girls and I helped them figure out how to find their families, where to live and work, helped them go to the doctor if they were sick, got them signed up for school, found them lawyers, and other Important Things like that. We also cooked dinner every night — usually beans and rice and whatever kinds of foods nice people donated, and we did laundry. Lots and lots of laundry.

Mom hanging laundry out to dry.

Mostly the girls did those things. My duties were called “hanging out” and “playing soccer” and “cleaning up after dinner.” Here are some pictures of me in action doing my duties:

The funnest thing about my job there, other than getting to hang out with my One every day and eating chicken bones that the guys left in the yard even though the girls asked them not to, was getting to meet so many different people and change their minds about dogs as handsome as me. For some reason, a lot of the newcomers thought that if a dog was as gorgeous as me, he must be something to be frightened of. Perhaps they were worried that they were going to rub off my gorgeous white furs, or wipe away my beautiful brindle patches? Well in any case, lots of people thought they didn’t want to get near me at first, but my expert wooing and cuteness won them all over — from elderly blind men from rural Mexico to tiny babies from Honduras. I won them all.

We worked there for a year, my One and me. Sometimes I still think that was my funnest year ever because I got to be so busy working and playing with my friends. With 18-20 people living at the house at any time, I was never bored or lonely. There was plenty of food to clean up off the floor, and always somebody to play soccer with.

Stay tuned next week, when maybe — just maybe — my Other One will tell you what he thought of me when he first met me, and all the fun we had in those early days together as youngsters.

The Look

All of a sudden, Sir Chick has started taking his foster brother duties very seriously. Over the past few evenings in the pre-dinnertime stage, he has been carefully and patiently teaching Miss Stevie about “The Look.” The Look, he says, is the cornerstone of a good treat acquisition strategy. In his lifetime (“I was winning suckers over with my look before your grandma was even alive, kiddo!”), Chick said, he has won great things using his The Look. He has gotten pounds and pounds of fruit and veggie scraps, lots of licks from the cookie batter bowl, plenty of spatulas to inspect and polish, about a squillion dog treats, some jerkey, some roasted chicken, a handful of human popsicles, and even a few naps on the Couch Where No Dog May Go.

He taught this look to Lollie Wonderdog during her stay with us, and she took to it right away:

The challenge has been greater for Stevie, who has a hard time making a model’s face that even remotely resembles angsty, concerned, and in dire need of that treat. Nevertheless, she’s so cute that it works for her anyway. Here are a few of her feeble attempts at an interpretation of The Look.

Stevie’s “I want it so bad I’m toppling over” Look:

The “try as I may, I can put no believable concern in my look” Look:

The “does it work if I just look repentant” Look:

And my favorite, the “watch out or it might land on us!” Look (in which Chick collaborates as well):

For the record, Sir Chick wishes to fully disassociate himself from these attempts. ‘They are an embarrassment to my species,’ he says. ‘She’s just a child, Sir Chick. She’s just a child,’ we reply.

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