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Hello Montgomery County Humane Society folks,

We’re sending this note attached to our application because we just weren’t sure that it was clear enough in our short answers that Stevie is supposed to be our little girl. We met her over the weekend with her foster family and really connected with her. We love her sweetness, her energy, her goofiness. We are excited to take her for runs (Paul), to play fetch with her on end (Liz), and to see if she’ll play in the sprinkler or the baby pool (Henry).

We know, from experience, that there is always a transition period – sometimes a few iterations – when someone new joins the family. We know that it is our responsibility to make that transition as smooth as possible for Stevie – by giving her love and calm and warmth (and a basic obedience class). We will do that. We know, from experience, that sometimes dogs bark, and jump around, and knock you over (especially if you are a toddler). We think all of that is fine – and believe that when someone is in your family, there are moments when everyone has to adjust a little. While it could mean bringing in a trainer, it might also mean adjusting our own behavior and routine so that it works for everyone. That’s just what families do for each other.

It surprises us a little that we feel the way we do about Stevie – we lost our sweet Rosie-girl this Spring to a brain tumor and it absolutely broke our hearts. We thought for sure that we wouldn’t be ready this soon. But then we looked up, and Stevie was there. We realized that, while Rosie will always have a place in our hearts, our love for her also created the space in our family for another dog, for Stevie – and the knowledge and ability to be the kind of home that she deserves.

We want to be Stevie’s forever family and hope that you’ll consider our application.

Thank you,

Liz, Paul, and Henry

Stay tuned . . .


**We will have a big non-Stevie announcement on Thursday and hope everyone will be as excited as we are about it!**




Chix-a-Lot Friday: My Best Buddies

I guess you know by now that foster sister Stevie Wonder is NOT on my BFF-list. Sure, we get along fine. Sure, I let her sneak up on me when I’m sleeping and get a little snuggle in, and sure, I took her to the prom, and sure, I tried to teach her The Look. But that’s where it ends. She licks me too much, always wants to play, and is always stealing my bed.

So let’s have a look at my REAL friends, shall we? Of course you all remember my buddy Gonzo Bunny-Ears. He was like a mini-me, plus those crazy bunny ears. He is a good pillow, tons of fun, and I love him.

But he’s only my third-best friend. My second-best friend is Pancho Villa Harriger. He and I used to work together at Casa Marianella back in the day, and lucky for me, his people are my parents’ best friends. He has some great droopy ears and a crazy curly tail, and I always make fun of him for the way he waddles his butt like a duck when he walks. You know the funniest thing about Pancho? Everybody thinks he’s a pointer mix, but you know what? We did a DNA test on him, and he’s half Staffie, and NO pointer! Just goes to show how guessing a dog’s breed by the way he looks is so silly. Anyhow, Pancho and I used to party together a lot when our parents were in grad school. They would get drunk together on beers and whiskey, and we would get drunk together on fun. Here we are being drunk together:

And here we are being more serious. We were campaigning for Obama. You may not be able to tell, but my collar says “Chicks 4 Change.”

And finally, my bestest bestest bestest friend of all is my uncle Tex. He is a most wonderful black lab and I love him to bits and pieces, even if he does bark an awful lot and has lots of neat ninja moves that are cooler than mine. He lives here in DC near my mama and dad, and my best days of all are the days I get to go over and visit him and his people (my grandma and grandpa). They have a big yard for us to run around in and when Tex barks up a storm, grandma gives us treats. It’s like magic! Mama says it’s a good thing he never did teach me to bark, because she would be none too happy. I guess she doesn’t like us dogs getting treats all the time?

And us with my second-uncle Marcel:

I hope you liked meeting my friends! Who are YOUR best buddies?

Swimming in Solidarity

Hi guys, it’s me! Stevie Wonder!

Do you want to know the absolute silliest thing about my foster brother Chick? He does not even like to go swimming in the doggie pool, and he does not even like to do gymnastics in there!  Can you believe it? He says it’s because he’s from Texas and dogs from Texas aren’t wusses like dogs from Merryland and that he don’t need no stinkin’ baby pool, but I know he’s just as hot as I am when it’s summertime and we’re outside.

As you may recall from a couple weeks ago, I am a most excellent swimmer, both in big waters like lakes and in little waters like my doggie pool. Sometimes when my foster mama takes me running on the trail near her house, she lets me take a quick swim in Sligo Creek when we stop to rest, too. She says it’s a good way for me to cool off. I say it’s a good way for me to do my Stevie-thing.

Anyhow. Remember a little while back when my mama showed you me and Chick both wading in my pool together? Here we are, just so you remember:

Well what mama didn’t show you is what a spectacle it was, getting Sir Chick to get in the pool with me! He hemmed and hawed and made excuses until finally, I came up with a brilliant plan. I would get in the pool v e r y   s l o w l y, one foot at a time, pausing between each one to show him how non-scary it was. I spent an extra specially long amount of time on step three-feet-in just so I could show him that although I love the swimming best of all, I still stand in solidarity with my brother sometimes by leaving one foot out of the pool with him. Aren’t I such a nice sister?

Block Party!

After Stevie and I went running yesterday evening, we had to rush home and clean up fast — me with a shower, Stevie with a check in the mirror and a quick spray of binaca in her mouth — because a very special visitor was coming over to take our lady for an evening stroll.

As she is known to do, she impressed him with her most polite, modest, and feminine of behavior:

After that ladylike display, we were off.

We rounded the corner, and what did we discover? A block party! With all our favorite neighborhood friends, including our good pals who have been taking Stevie for daytime adventures while we toil away at work.

For her new special friend, Stevie showed off a move that Chick has taught her, using her neighborhood buddy Amanda as a prop: the “Hard To Get”

And it worked. He was smitten. But in the end, her tongue told him all he really needed to know about the reciprocity of her feelings:

Stay tuned . . .



The Prom

It was the doggie prom at our house this weekend, and both Stevie Wonder and Sir Chick got to go. They got special prom outfits that fostermom picked up at the thrift store for them — a sparkly sequined Hello Kitty skirt for Miss Stevie, and a blue paisley tie for Sir Chick.

Unfortunately, we didn’t give them adequate time to find dates, so they ended up having to go with each other. This did NOT make them happy.

Even though they were initially reluctant to be each other’s date, they agreed to go since they both love to party in general and dance in particular.

At the end of the evening, both were quite pooped and fell asleep still wearing their party clothes.

For more info on adopting Stevie Wonder, click here or contact us at DCpetographer [at] gmail [dot] com.

Chix-a-Lot Friday: Foster Dad’s Take

FosterMom often describes Chick as an “ambassadog,” which I think means that Chick’s charm, good looks, and positive attitude easily win over skeptics and show how loving these tough-looking dogs can be.  Common early reactions to Chick include, “He’s really a pit bull?  But he seems so friendly!” or “He’s so well behaved for a pit bull!” or “Does he bite?” or, my personal favorite, “He could turn at any moment.”  But Chick’s admirers quickly are convinced otherwise.

When we first met, we were not too interested in each other.  Chick emerged from the shelter and dove headlong into the important task of sniffing the ground.  He breathed deeply, relishing the outside-of-the-shelter earth and all its scented mysteries.  It was the equivalent of a man long at sea who gratefully kisses dry land upon his return.  Chick was getting a good whiff of freedom.

I, on the other hand, was apprehensive.  Although FosterMom had told me all about how friendly and gentle Chick was, I had never met a pit bull.  I contemplated his big boxy head, thick neck, and wrinkly forehead.  I offered a hand.  Not nearly as interesting as dirt.  I took his leash, and he dragged me, zigzag, across the parking lot.

It was a short and successful courtship.  When we got home, Chick began to show off his charisma.  He curled up happily on his new dog bed.  He offered his warm, pink belly for a good rub.

Plus, I soon learned that Chick and I have a lot in common.  We both enjoy tennis…

playing in the snow…

reading the newspaper…

admiring art…

studying for law school exams…

and, every once in a while, enjoying a glass of good scotch.

We became fast friends.

“He could turn at any moment . . . and give you a big, juicy, tuna-flavored French kiss.”

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