Chix-a-Lot Friday: Pitte Posse Secret Santa

Mama did a little Christmas Jingle when Our Waldo Bungie invited us to participate in a bit of secret santa fun with some of our other cool dog friends and their blogger people — Twenty-Six To Life, Two Pitties in the City, Pittieful Love, That Touch of Pit, and Two Grad Students and a Pittie.

So we thought and thought and thought, and mama designed and designed, and then send off our special little gift to Nemo, Melanie, and Heidi at Twenty-Six To Life. We hope they like our creation! Pee-S, Dora the Explorer insisted that we use her colors, Raspberry Pink and Dora Gray, on your present.

And then like magic, we got the most delicious smelling package on the front step after we got back from our evening walk yesterday. It smelled like pure, pumpkiny heaven!

Well wouldn’t you know, it was an adorable, thoughtful, wonderful, delicious secret santa gift in the mail last night — a package from our mama’s home state of Maryland, from my good guy pal handsome Knox at Pittieful Love!

The humans got a tin of sweet, savory, spicy candied pecans (they say it taste great with that fizzy stuff that comes out of a bottle), and me and my Dora got a great big tin full of pumpkin spice dog treats, made by handsome Mister Knox himself. Knox was even nice enough to throw in some dog bone cookie cutters and his very own recipe for the pumpkin treats, so we can make them ourselves. Between you and me I’m not sure how Knox can bake without any supposable thumbs. And mama put the recipes and cookie cutters away in a high cabinet right away so that I didn’t get any baking ideas. But still — that was pretty thoughtful of Knox, huh?

Mama’s  favorite part was the sweet card with a photo of Knox and his people, and my favorite part was the doggie santa hat! Obviously Knox remembered how much Dora and I love getting dressed up and having our photo taken. We are the hammiest of hams, after all!

Jess and Knox, we want you to know that the pumpkin treats are to die for — we slobbered all over in anticipation, and then loved them ever-so-much. But next time you send treats, please include specific instructions to mama that they are for snacking ONLY, and not for practicing our “leave it” command. Sheesh!

Thanks for the fun gift exchange, everybuddy!

For more info on adopting Dora the Explorer, click here or contact us at info [at] loveandaleash [dot] com.

16 responses

  1. Chick, you and Dora look so cute in your Santa hats….and I am so jealous of those delicious looking pumpkin treats, my drool string is almost to the floor! XOXO, Ginger Rogers

  2. Thank so much for the great gift Aleks! I was actually the Secret Santa for Pittieful Love, so it’s fun to see what they did for you!

    Chick and Dora are too cute with their Santa hat on, haha. You’re very mean to make them wait for those treats 😉

  3. I loved this post – and the photos!! “Supposable thumbs” – priceless!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to y’all!!

  4. Adorable, both you. Your “leave it” commands are quite impressive. As hard as it was to wait for so long, I am sure she made it worth your while. Besides, don’t cookies taste even better when you have to work for them?

    Happy holidays to you and Dora!

  5. Aleks, those photos are ADOR-A-BULL. And can you come over and work on Lucy’s “leave it” with her. She would NEVER be patient enough to let a pumpkin treat sit on her own paw – what good pups you have! And what a great Secret Santa you got!

  6. I LOVE that picture of Dora with the santa hat in front of her face… priceless! Its such a great one! Glad you loved your gifts! In this house we’re not so creative, but we love us some food and baking! Enjoy and happy holidays!

  7. So much fun! The Santa hats are adorable. Reggie says that practicing the leave it cue for pumpkin treats is for kitties, not doggies. Hmph!
    Wishing you and foster dad a wonderful Christmas!

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