Worms of all kinds. And carving new features.

Mama wanted me to tell you about my new feature on my face.

But I’ll just show it to you instead:

I carved it myself, with my back toenails!

Why, you ask?

So many reasons.

I’m itchy.

Because of allergies.

And my toenails stop the itching.

For a minute.

Plus, everybody loves my cute scar on my face . . .

so I thought I’d make another!

Oh, and also: I have a new set of worms.

They are ringworms.

Which aren’t worms at all!

They’re just a fungus pretending to be worms!

Sneaky bastards!

The ringworm funguses make me itchy too

and make my skin dry out and flake up

and my beautiful red and white furs fall out in patches all over.

Even on my darling Doodlebug face and ears:

Mama says there’s an end in sight

(to the worms, not the allergies)

but I don’t see it.

Maybe once I do see it, I won’t have to carve new features for myself anymore.

So there you have it.

Back to the e-collar for me!

34 responses

  1. Oh Doodlebug, so sorry! Piper can definitely relate to the Pesty itchies! We hope you feel better soon. We think you are still as lovely as ever and that your new marks give you even more character. Feel better soon Doodle! 🙂

  2. Oh no….I was hoping your itchy skin issues were a thing of the past. Your mama and dad will get you good as new asap….of that I’m sure. Sorry buddy!

  3. THAT SUCKS!!!!! Allergies are bad enough, but Ringworm, too? Our cat had ringworm when we adopted him, and it was awefull! It took 6 weeks of daily baths and lyme sulfer dips, along with creams and itraconizol! I HATE RINGWORM!!!!!! We feel for everyone in your house!

  4. I’m sorry for the Dude and hope he feels a whole lot better soon. Don’t know if you want to try homemade food to fight his allergies but I’m eating it now and it’s awesome. I don’t have allergies but one of my cousin’s did and this cleared him right up. My mama would love to tell your mama all about it if she’s interested ;o) Feel better soon my fur-end.

  5. The dreaded e-collar… sorry about that Doodlebug. Ringworm is an icky thing and allergies on top of it just isn’t fair. I hope you’re feeling better soon and don’t feel the need to carve designs on yourself anymore!

  6. I feel so much empathy reading this. It is so terrible when they are that itchy, that they cause damage to themselves. Then the ringworm goes and adds insult to the injury of allergies! Hang in there. I find it’s always ‘something’ with the allergies, a flair up, an infection, a face scar, but you do find balance. I promise!

  7. Aww…. poor Doodlebug!!! Those allergies are nasty things. And sneaky ringworm bastards on top of it all!!! I hope your mom and dad are giving you lots of extra treats seeing as you’re SUPER miserable. *hugs*

  8. Me and you both, doodlebug! I got a ringworm last week from volunteering with the cats at the city shelter. It is itchy and no fun. I hope we both get better soon!

  9. Try some coconut oil and a little neem oil rubbed into his skin. Can also take the coconut oil by mouth, but not the neem oil.

  10. He looks so bummed! I’ve dealt with mange, allergies, roundworms and papillomas already this year with my dogs…but they’re better now:)

  11. poor baby…an antiseptic spray from Petco works. Mom put it on me with a cotton ball
    Benny & Lily

  12. Poor Doodles! I know what you (and your parents) are going through! Our own Roo Bears is having his annual allergy outbreak and it’s driving him mad. Have your parents tried giving you Zyrtec? Our vet recommended it to us…after two weeks of prednisone…and it’s made Roo significantly less itchy! Hope you’re feeling better soon!!

  13. My 2 yr-old rescue was also having hair loss from allergies and scratching. I tried a vet who specializes in Traditional Chinese Medicine. One thing that has helped us is to wet a cotton ball with a mixture of Georges Aloe Vera & a tiny drop of tea tree oil. Then everyday I rub a very wet cotton ball in her ears and around her face (and anywhere the dog can’t reach). Last night she woke me up with her scratching & I realized I’d forgotten the aloe. Got up and treated her and she was quiet for the rest of the night. The vet also said you could soak the dog’s feet in aloe (w/out tea tree).

    Diet is important in Chinese Medicine. Foods are hot, cold or neutral. My dog needs “cold” food (for me that means raw turkey) and I was told to avoid “damp” food because it could cause fungal infections. Duck is the main “damp” food that I was told to avoid. Like you, we are still working on the allergies and taking it one day at a time. Best wishes to you and the Doodlebug!

  14. Oh Dude!!! Poor you. This rain probably isn’t helping your skin. Stay calm man. You have a top notch Mama and she will make it all better.

    Aleks – I’m sure you have tons of help but I have anti fungals if you need it!

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  16. Ringworm, yuk!! Our little Johnny brought them home from the shelter and promptly gave them to his big sis June! Of course then we got them but luckily the kitties didn’t! It was six months of ringworm around the rosie!! Nasty little bugs!!

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