sneaky snuggling

We’re not going to sugar-coat it: the love between Stevie Wonder and Sir Chick is NOT mutual. Sir Chick is a mature gentleman and he tolerates his foster sister’s affection, antics, and crazy puppy-like energy with grace and patience, but it is clear that her love for him is unrequited. Chick will politely tolerate most dogs, but there are very few that he truly loves. Our former foster Gonzo Bunny-Ears was one of the lucky few; Chick’s uncle Tex the black lab is another.

And yet, Stevie just can’t get enough of her Chicken. Her latest trick is pretending to sleep at an acceptable-to-Chick distance (6-9 inches is generally enough space), and then once he falls asleep, she sneaks over, ever-so-gently, for a little bit of cuddling. It’s not totally satisfying, but it will have to do. Poor Stevie.

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Two American Loves: pet adoption and farm equipment!

This weekend two great American loves —  pet adoption and farm equipment — came together in one symphony that played at hundreds of locations in 44 states.

That’s right, it was the Tractor Supply Company’s first annual pet adoption event!!

One downside of living in a major metropolitan area like DC is that the closest farm supply store is actually not very close by, so we had to drive for more than an hour to get there. But that was no deterrent — when our friend and fellow pittie rescue mom invited us, we knew we couldn’t pass it up, especially knowing that Stevie Wonder and our friend’s beautiful foster, Kayla, have the exact same adoption vest!

Stevie had tons of fun at the event. She got to make friends with a whole crew of adoptable cocker spaniels from a breed-specific rescue, as well as a little boy who shared her affinity for tractor-driving:

She also got to spend plenty of time loving on strangers who came to tell her hello and how much they like her vest and how sad they are that they can’t adopt her:

But what she enjoyed most of all was hanging out with her fellow fostered MCHS pit bulls Midas, Angel, and Kayla:

Unfortunately there were more adoptable dogs than potential adopters, but Stevie didn’t mind one bit. She loved the tractors, loved the attention, and especially loved getting to hang out with the brown pit bull crew from MCHS!

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do you think my tractor’s sexy?

Hi guys, it’s me! Stevie Wonder!

On Saturday mom and dad put me in the car (which I HATE) and we drove and drove and drove. It actually wasn’t so bad because mom let me sit on top of her and also on top of a big cozy blanket on the way (which I LOVE). So I got some good snuggles in and got nice and dozy after a while and I took a little dognap.

Anyway, we drove and drove, and then when we stopped, we were at a big giant enormous parking lot with a bunch of colorful machineries parked out front with the cars! It was so neat-o! I got to hang out with my friends and meet a bunch of strangers (I will let mom tell you about that tomorrow), but the best part? I got to ride a tractor!!

Um. Ok, well I didn’t really get to ride it because it didn’t go anywhere and it didn’t even go vroom-vroom, and it wasn’t really a tractor but more like a big lawnmower that you sit on top of, but still. It was neat-o! Don’t I look like a natural up there?

XOXO, Stevie Wonder

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The Look

All of a sudden, Sir Chick has started taking his foster brother duties very seriously. Over the past few evenings in the pre-dinnertime stage, he has been carefully and patiently teaching Miss Stevie about “The Look.” The Look, he says, is the cornerstone of a good treat acquisition strategy. In his lifetime (“I was winning suckers over with my look before your grandma was even alive, kiddo!”), Chick said, he has won great things using his The Look. He has gotten pounds and pounds of fruit and veggie scraps, lots of licks from the cookie batter bowl, plenty of spatulas to inspect and polish, about a squillion dog treats, some jerkey, some roasted chicken, a handful of human popsicles, and even a few naps on the Couch Where No Dog May Go.

He taught this look to Lollie Wonderdog during her stay with us, and she took to it right away:

The challenge has been greater for Stevie, who has a hard time making a model’s face that even remotely resembles angsty, concerned, and in dire need of that treat. Nevertheless, she’s so cute that it works for her anyway. Here are a few of her feeble attempts at an interpretation of The Look.

Stevie’s “I want it so bad I’m toppling over” Look:

The “try as I may, I can put no believable concern in my look” Look:

The “does it work if I just look repentant” Look:

And my favorite, the “watch out or it might land on us!” Look (in which Chick collaborates as well):

For the record, Sir Chick wishes to fully disassociate himself from these attempts. ‘They are an embarrassment to my species,’ he says. ‘She’s just a child, Sir Chick. She’s just a child,’ we reply.

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Learning from elders

Stevie is a very bright girl, but not the most food-motivated dog I’ve ever met. For me, this presents a big training challenge, as I have always relied heavily on treats to teach dogs desired behaviors and tricks. Even stinky cheese, liver, and hot dogs don’t get this girl’s attention on a regular basis. She acts as though she’s doing me a favor by eating these delicious morsels at all.

We have managed to teach her a decent “sit” and “shake” and are working on a good “stay” using toys (her true love) as rewards, and it has worked pretty well. Recently we have employed our village elder, Sir Chick, to help Stevie Wonder learn. Here they are doing a few simple commands together.

the “I love you” flip

There is a clear and comical relationship developing between dear foster Stevie Wonder and our own Sir Chick, in which Stevie oscillates between being the annoying and hyper little sister that can’t stop bugging her big brother to play, and the pathetic lovestruck girl pining away after her heartthrob crush, shamelessly throwing herself at him hoping for the slightest bit of affection. This is perhaps easiest to see in photos. Here is a typical sequence that repeats itself a hundred times a day at Casa Fosterfamily.

Everybody is happy, hanging out in the living room while fostermom works:

Chick decides to take a nice, peaceful, drool-filled nap while Stevie stares at him, unblinkingly, with an intense affection bordering on obsession:

Chick is roused from his restful slumber by Stevie’s intense stare:

In that weak moment of just-wokenness, Chick succumbs to Stevie’s pleas and stumbles over to her to offer his nose for a quick lick by her eager tongue:

It’s all too much for her. She performs the “I love you” flip:

Watch out Chick, here comes the death claw of affection:

A couple of love-punches later, Chick’s headed for the door:

And poor Stevie-girl is left alone in her Stevie-chair to contemplate:

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A swimompromise

It was so hot. So hot.

Stevie insisted on going back to the lake so she could do more of the swimming she told you all about a few weeks ago. We insisted that a five hour drive was maybe a wee bit too far for just an afternoon of swimming.

She balked. An impasse.

The conversation went something like this.

Stevie: Swimming.

Us: Stevie, the lake is too far.

Stevie: Swimming.

Us: Stevie, you hate car rides.

Stevie: Swimming.

Us: Stevie, by the time we get there, it will be night time.

Stevie: SWIMMING!!!

I will be the first to admit, watching an adolescent dog throw an imaginary hissy-fit is pretty cute. In the end, we had to give in — part way. We lugged the doggie pool out of the shed and filled it up with fresh water. To make it more authentic, we even threw in some dirt, twigs, grass, and fish oil (not really). We showed Stevie our compromise — our swimompromise — and without hesitation, she was in. Really, really in.

How to stay cool in the dog days of summer

Hi guys, it’s me! Stevie Wonder!

Guys, it’s been so hot here. SO HOT. Foster mom and dad have just about quit going outside except if they’re holding a cold beer in a shark koozie or watering the plants or something.

Me and Chick still like to go out though, even when the heat index was like 115 over the weekend. I used to think it was too hot too, but then my smart foster brother Chick let me in on a little secret: if you find a nice shady spot on the deck and lay real still except for the huffing and puffing and put your face sideways-like against the boards and make the funniest faces you can, it makes it not feel so hot anymore.

Want proof? Look at how happy and silly we got on the dog days of this weekend!

Chix-A-Lot Friday!

Alright, alright already! I’ve heard enough from you adoring fans about how you want more Chick, more Chick, more Chick! So we’re trying out a new feature, called “Chix-A-Lot Friday” — Here, you will find Chick’s perspective on the world. His rundown of the week’s news, what he thinks of his foster sibling’s antics, and what kong combo he is finding particularly appealing.

On to today’s installation:

Guys. Here’s the deal. That little sister of mine? Stevie Wonder? She’s crrrazy! She loves me so much that she told me she would like for me to wear her like a hat. At first I was kind of stumped. How do you even respond to that? Could my gorgeous, square head even hold up a gangly teenager like Stevie-girl? Would her long arms block my vision? Would my beautiful wrinkles get itchy? Would I even look good in brindle? Nevermind — dogs don’t even wear hats, I realized.

I tried to explain to her the problem. She would have none of it. She gave me a big ol’ lick to the muzzle. So I had to tell her: woah there, little lady, you’ve gotta take it slow if you want to win my love. I dole it out like candy to humans, but other dogs? They’ve gotta earn it. My ignore-the-foster game will outlast your play-with-me-play-with-me-play-with-me lick-and-punch routine every time, you little Stevie-youngster. Plus, you’re a lady. You can’t be just throwing yourself at every dog that comes along. Even if he is as dapper as me.

She’ll learn eventually. Until then, I’ve asked my mama to put her on a tie-down in the kitchen when we’re hanging out together so she can’t be constantly attacking me with her play-with-me routine. I know I’m irresistible, but I’m an older gentleman, and she’s gotta learn to respect.

*check out our Facebook page for a photo of Chick showing Stevie-girl how to chill out in the kitchen!

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