drowsy and ovary-free

We picked a drowsy and cuddly Lolita up from the vet this morning, following her spay surgery yesterday. She looks so miserable.

woe is me.

woe, woe, woe.

Everything went well from the doctor’s perspective, but from Lola’s perspective, this all sucks. She has an embarassing bandage around her little waist, and the conehead is so confusing. She keeps thinking she is irreconcilably stuck on things:

stuck. damn.

stuck again. damn.

For the next few days, it’s going to be very short outings and a lot of sleeping and cuddling for Miss Lollie Wonderdog. Sounds pretty good to me.

a poem for you; well-wishes for lollie

Concentration is scarce among the Fosterfamily today, because our little wonderdog is at the vet getting spayed. In keeping with MCHS rules, our own values, and of course logic and reason, Lollie is putting the smackdown on pet overpopulation.

For today’s entry, I’d like to share a snippet from a poem that we stumbled upon while vainly searching for our fosterblog on Google (no luck finding it, by the way). It’s called “Walking the Dog,” by Howard Nemerov:

Two universes mosey down the street
Connected by love and a leash and nothing else.
Mostly I look at lamplight through the leaves
While he mooches along with tail up and snout down,
Getting a secret knowledge through the nose
Almost entirely hidden from my sight.

We stand while he’s enraptured by a bush
Till I can’t stand our standing any more
And haul him off; for our relationship
Is patience balancing to this side tug
And that side drag; a pair of symbionts
Contented not to think each other’s thoughts.

There is more, but the poet’s musings turn to poop scooping, so I thought I’d refrain 😉

Send well-wishes to our darling foster wonderdog while she undergoes surgery today!


Bathing Beauties

Last night was Dog Bath Night at Casa Fosterfamily. Dog Bath Parties are not a rigidly scheduled occurence. Rather, they happen when one of the critters rolls around in something particularly foul, has a series of very muddy walks, or, well, just gets that very doggy smell. Last night’s party falls mostly in the third category. As it turns out, two wonderdogs get smelly faster than just one wonderdog on its own.

For Dog Bath Night, we put on our scrubbiest clothes, throw a bunch of towels down on the bathroom floor, and lure the dogs in with some particularly delicious treats. I don’t know if this is a pit bull thing or if all dogs are like this, but Lolita and Chick are both very wary of bath parties. They pout, they tremble, they tuck their tail so far between their legs that it almost hits them in the face. It’s sad and adorable at once. But mostly just adorable. Here’s the proof in pictures:

is there a rope ladder around here anywhere?

check out my acrobatic tongue

After the hour-long ordeal, we had two very pouty, very clean, and very damp little wonderdogs. I snuggled them each up in a blanket and fed them a chewy snack to celebrate.

low quality video of a high quality dog

Excuse the very shoddy quality of our first Lollie video. Just wanted everyone to see how cute she is in action, while attempting to conquer a stalk of celery, learning how to eat dog food out of a gatorade bottle (which, by the way, she learned in about 15 minutes. amazing.) and practicing “sit,” “down,” and “go get it.”

We especially love her funny habit of tucking her right elbow/shoulder under her body when she does the “down” command.

learning to love

Lol and me: a self-portrait.

Who knew that some dogs have to learn to cuddle?

From day one, Lollie Wonderdog was full of love and energy. But she had no idea how to express herself or direct her excitement. Her main forms of expression were a trotting pace around the house or yard, back and forth, back and forth; and a constantly flapping tongue—licking the air, but always pointed in the general direction of your face. Come to think of it, I should post a video of this phenomenon.

A few weeks have passed now, and we have taught Lollie to redirect some of her energy into productive things, like going for walks, solving treat-filled puzzles (kongs, Gatorade bottles, etc), and learning new commands. (Have I mentioned what a fast learner she is? It’s amazing how quickly she picks up new things.) But until a few days ago, she still didn’t know how to express affection.

You can imagine that my heart dissolved into a little puddle of goo the other night when she quietly walked over and plopped her 55 pounds of pure muscle into my lap, and rested her sweet face against my chest. As my hands stroked her still-skinny side and her mystery-scarred face, she slowly closed her eyes, looking oh-so-content.

I swear, this dog could melt anyone’s heart.

daily dose of sugary sweetness

Lollie is a girl scout too.

If there is anything in the world cuter than Lolita herself, it’s Lolita hanging out with a girl scout.

The other day, Lollie Wonderdog and I went back to her home base of MCHS to be interviewed by ABC 7 for Tuesday’s 5 o’clock and 6 o’clock news. Well, also at the shelter was a troop of girl scouts who had done a wonderful project for MCHS, baking doggie treats and hand-making rope toys out of denim. These little ladies were cute as can be, and once they heard about Lolita’s sad story, they all wanted to come say hello. As always, Lollie Wonderdog was a perfect gentlelady– planting slimy little kisses on sweet girl scout cheeks and sitting calmly to bask in the affection. In fact, Lollie was so impressed with the girl scouts that she is thinking about joining a troop herself. She thinks she would look great in a green vest and a cute plaid skirt. Girl scout cookies, here we come!

Tune in to tomorrow’s ABC 7 DC news at 5 and 6pm to see Lollie’s major media debut!

Lollie hits the big time

Lollie turns out to be a huge media darling, and last week’s wonderful story in the Examiner was just the beginning. This Tuesday night between 5 and 6:30pm, she is going to be on DC’s ABC nightly news! Tune in to see our pretty foster-girl interviewed by the news team and hear her rags-to-riches story.

As if that weren’t enough, she will be featured in a video presentation at tonight’s MCHS Love Ball — the Montgomery County Humane Society’s annual gala.

She’s going to take ’em by storm!

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