Mark of a wild night out

Notice anything new about Gonzo?

How about here?

The most perceptive of his friends may have noticed: Gonzo has a new tattoo!

You know those wild nights with a couple of new friends, where things get a little crazy and you wake up with a tattoo? Well Gonzo had such a night with these new friends.

Who is the friend responsible for the tattoo, you ask? It’s our chiminea, Chimmy.

Chimmy boldly rubbed against Gonzo’s back while he and his new canine friend were romping around on the deck, leaving a brick-colored tattoo made of red clay on his back.

Is it permanent? We don’t think so. But is it totally cute? Yes, it sure is.

More on his new canine friend later this week…


timeless gonzo

the other day when mr. bunny-ears was lounging on our bed, he seemed somehow timeless – like he could have been of a different generation of dog.

a few weeks ago, we revealed to you gonzo’s heritage through his extremely authentic breed report. and yet, we always wonder with our dogs. what were their parents like? their grandparents? did they look alike? was their personality similar? where did Gonzo get his ears, and where did Chick get his extreme cuddliness? with rescue dogs, it’s always a beautiful mystery.

two-tongue heat wave

the weather man says it was only 76, but according to our dog tongue thermometer, it was hot this weekend.

chick’s heat indicator normally only registers when it’s in the mid 80s, but perhaps after a long winter, it’s a little uncalibrated.

gonzo’s indicator seems to have two settings. a tongue drooping straight out, for weather in the mid 70s and low 80s, and tongue flopped to the side, when it’s mid-80s or warmer. we got a glimpse of the side-flop heat a few weeks back, but hope that little Ears is in his forever-home before we hit those temps again!

the power picnic

we call it a power picnic, but the only thing that made it powerful — other than the french pastries from a new bakery downtown — was gonzo’s presence. just look how well he fits in with the boys.

not surprising, but Gonzo loves picnics. he loves being the center of attention, he loves laying close to his people, he loves watching birds and trees, and he loves vacuuming up the stray pieces of food that somehow keep appearing all over blankets when people sit around and eat.

he was seriously lustful over the cheese and the sausage that some friends brought to eat, but his biggest obsession at the picnic? a ziplock bag full of deviled eggs.

it ain’t easy when it’s green

Gonzo wants everyone to know: just because the leaves are out in full force and it’s the dead-middle of springtime, there is plenty of work for a bunny-eared dog out in the yard and on the deck. Watch out, errant still-falling winter twigs and sticks from those enormous oaks out back. Gonzo is gonna get you . . .

For more info about adopting Gonzo Bunny-Ears, contact us at DCpetographer [at] gmail [dot] com or through Partnership for Animal Welfare.

rainy day blues

Neither our Chick nor fabulous (and adoptable!) foster Gonzo Bunny-Ears is crazy about the rain. And with those glistening white coats, can you blame them? Gonzo will never turn down a walk, but he does get a little scowly-faced when the big drops start to fall onto his inquisitive little face.

It stormed and rained over the weekend and again yesterday. During the breaks between showers, the pups got to go out and pitter patter around in the puddles, but in truth, it was without enthusiasm. When the weather is soppy, they’d much rather snuggle up indoors by the window where it’s nice and dry.

For more info about adopting Gonzo Bunny-Ears, contact us at DCpetographer [at] gmail [dot] com or through Partnership for Animal Welfare.

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